Well…, there's always… wanton destruction.
~ Scarab's fallback tactic when his main plan was foiled

Doctor Wilmer Sharp Ph.D., also known as Doctor Scarab, is the main antagonist from the animated series Bionic Six. A man seeking world domination and immortality for himself, Dr. Scarab enhanced himself and six minions through a revolutionary future advancement in bionics. Unfortunately, the process he uses is somehow inferior to the techniques that his brother Professor Doctor Amadeus Sharp utilized in creating the heroic Bionic Six. Attempting to discover the secret of the superior technology also factored into his various plans as well as a jealous rivalry with his brother.

Scarab is a portly man with a monocle-like bionic right eye set into a partial facial prosthesis which also houses a replacement right ear. He wears all white clothing, which with his wearing a head mirror, gave him the look and motif of a medical physician. He also considers himself a brilliant criminal mastermind despite his continuous losses. Certainly, he is able to outsmart all of his henchmen, a couple of which are cunning in their own right.

Although Scarab has enhanced his minions with his brand of bionic power, he apparently also enhanced himself as several times when he deigned to actually be physical, he was capable of carrying a large load of gold bullion as well as being capable of tossing about members of the Bionic Six in brief hand-to-hand skirmishes.

The man's evil knows no bounds as he is capable of threatening to blow up a middle school full of handicapped children, remarking, "How evil of me".


  • Scarab was voiced by Jim MacGeorge, who imitates the voice of the late George C. Scott with a slight "Shatner's dramatic pausing" delivery.
  • While as part of their "bionic boosting" his henchmen will say, "Hail, Scarab!", he would say, "Hail, Me".
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