Doctor Shreddarius
Doctor Shreddarius is the Shredder's counterpart in the world of Super Turtles in the Mirage Comics. He created the army of the terrorkinetics to protect Earth, but ended up double-crossing his partner Lucks. While in his lab, he was gravely injured from experimenting with chemicals. A rat was mutated from licking Shreddarius's chemical wounds. He is named Sliver, and is the counterpart to Master Splinter. Unlike Master Splinter, Sliver is evil because of his loyalty to Shreddarius.

Shreddarius is rebuilt as a cyborg. His friendship with Lucks grows along with their political relationship. Their only goal is to control the world, but their plot is soon revealed by Jonas Case and Neil O'Malley, scientists who once worked for Shreddarius. Jonas and Neil lead a rebellion along with the Super Turtles to stop Lucks, Shreddarius, and Sliver. While the Super Turtles defeat their master, Shreddarius escapes to fight another day. Lucks is now behind bars and the Super Turtles announce that the nations leaders now have control once again of their countries. The Super Turtles do eventually beat Shreddarius and the terrorkinetics.

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