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Doctor Ub'x is a DC comics supervillain primarily associated with the Green Lantern franchise - he is a personal enemy of the alien Green Lantern known as Ch'p.


Leaving his home world of H'lven, the power hungry Doctor Ub'x raised a mighty space armada which enabled him to conquer half his galaxy. He then returned to H'lven to conquer his home world as well with his allies the Crabsters. The H'lvenites were a peaceful, arboreal race, Ub'x believed it would be an easy victory, especially after his armada killed the B'rr, the Green Lantern of Sector 1014. The Crabsters, the most relentless beings in Dr. Ub'x's empire, cut down any resistance offered. H'lven was claimed by nightfall


  • Doctor Ub’x’s command ability and brilliant scientific mind are powerful advantages.
  • Sucker Stick: Doctor Ub’x possesses a ‘Sucker Stick’ an energy weapon that is directed by his mind. The full extent of it’s powers are unknown.


  • Much like his enemy, Ch'p, Doctor Ub'x resembles a vaguely humanoid animal - despite this he is portrayed as a dangerous opponent - lacking the comedic traits often given to anthropomorphic characters in mass media.


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