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That wasn't very nice, now was it? For I shall sit at the right hand of the Lord, did you know that? For we are many, were you aware of that? You ant, you piece of excrement... You nothing! And now, Apocalypse. The End of All Things. Your voodoo harlot was correct, Michael dear. The End is Nigh. And it's sooner than you think!
~ Victor Batrachian to Shadow Man

Doctor Victor Karl Batrachian, also known as the The Lizard King, is a demented serial killer who serves as a secondary antagonist in the adventure-horror game Shadow Man. He is a member as well as the leader of The Five and Legion's second-in-command. He used to be the a doctor who decied to move to the USA after killing his patients to start the Apocalypse there by murdering many more innocent civilians.

He was voiced by Guy Miller.


Victor is a man in his thirties with a ash brown well-kept hair. He wears an orange prisoner suit due to the fact he's being kept in Gardelle County Jail's death row. His police file adds that he has a small scar on his left temple. He weighs 198 lbs and is 6'2 tall, making him the tallest member of The Five.

His true demon form is revealed after enough damage is dealt to him, similar to the other members of The Five.


Victor seems to be rather psychopathic and emotionless in nature, as he doesn't care about the life of other people when he was a doctor by profession and was only interested in gathering their money in the very large sums as a form of payment. Victor knew how to use his charisma and intelligence to influence other people - especially those who were elderly and easy to manipulate. He didn't have any trouble blending in the society as he was a doctor and people trusted him and his profession.

Victor is very interested in art and painting as in Gardelle County Jail he set his own art gallery with his paintings that showed many places from Deadside such as the Asylum that he called "Asylum Installations". His paintings called "Schismata" were bought by London's Golgotha art gallery for several thousands of dollars.

Upon meeting Shadowman, he is very arrogant, expressing his thought that he's the supreme being over everyone and feels proud of what he has done in Gardelle County Jail. He does not take any act of mockery from anyone towards his persona and often swaggers that he's the leader of the Five and will sit next to the Legion as his right hand man.

His theme music is based on the fact that he's inside the prison that is going through a riot and has many sounds of locking prison cells and his motto "I'm The Lizard King". However after entering the death row it turns into a rendition of the "Pange lingua gloriosi corporis mysterium", alluding to his fanaticism and the fact that he views himself as the supreme being that needs to be worshipped.


The Lizard King

Victor was born on April 8 1961 to a banker in Geneva in Switzerland and went to Cambridge University in 1985 where he graduaded having a diploma in forensic psychiatry and a licensed practioner. This is when he began murdering his elderly female patients after convincing them to leave him large sums of money in their wills. In 1991 Victor forged a green card so he could move to the United States of America. He changed his name and started working with another doctor whom he later murdered. Just like in the Europe, Victor started a second killing spree by convincing his elderly female patients who were widows to leave him their money and they were later found dead of "natural causes". After Victor was marked as FBI's most wanted suspect in December 1995 he went under the name of "Lizard King" and began murdering young males by exploding their heads, leaving their headless corpses at the crime scene and carve his symbol on their left chests just above their hearts, along with a card wrapped in their left hands and an elegantly written poetry that read:

The Lizard King shall lead The Five,
From out of the Southern gaol shall cut HIS bloody swathe,
In HIM the darkness stands revealed,
HIS eyes are void as a dead man's gaze,
As cold as the light of a dying star.

He was eventually arrested in August 1997 and sent to the Gardelle County Jail Texas for an execution on an electric chair. He was accused of murdering fifteen individuals but the number of his victims might be even higher due to the fact he started the riot and murdered almost every inmate and police officer there.


Victor was recruited by a malicious and demonic entity named Legion and the legendary serial killer Jack the Ripper to be the leader of a group composed of half-demon undead serial killers know as The Five. Victor obviously accepted and began to work as a red herring and decoy for Legion. After the heroic voodoo warrior Shadow Man killed four of The Five, incluinding Jack, Victor was the only one left.

Shadowman arrived at Gardelle County Jail Texas to kill Victor and stop him from harming anybody else. In the Jail, Shadowman entered his personal art gallery with many paintings featuring Deadside landmarks. He additionaly found out that the entire prison is going through a violent riot and a massive breakout due to Victor's powers. Additionally he found houndreds of headless corpses of police officers and inmates that rose from the dead thanks to Victor's powers and started attacking him. Shadowman explored the prison area while watching out for undead headless zombies, who shambled in the entire prison. Due to the zombies, Shadowman he concluded that Victor might have started the riot in Gardelle County Jail Texas and killed all those people by exploding their heads as he was famous for that. After reaching the death row of the prison area, Shadowman finally met with Victor who was sitting on an electric chair. He taunted him adding that he's the supreme being and told him that the end is coming very soon and he can do nothing about it and he will make sure that he won't make this fight for him easy as he's the leader of the Five. Despite being a half-demon, Victor fell at the hands of Shadowman, who ended his killing spree on people.



  • Victor Batrachian is based on the fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter, in particular his portrayal by Anthony Hopkins in the film "The Silence of the Lambs" lent a great deal to Batrachian's model and character sketches. Some elements of British serial killer Harold Shipman also seem relevant, being named as "Dr. Death", a history of murdering his elderly patients with drugs and a history of forgery/fraud.
  • His surname may be an intentional pun on the developer's part, as "batrachos" (βατραχος) means "frog" in Classic Greek.
  • "Pange lingua gloriosi corporis mysterium", played after his defeat, contain a great deal of symbolism concerning blood, rebirth and salvation.
  • Jim Morrison wrote a poem called "The Celebration of the Lizard" that first apeared on the sleve of The Doors' album "Waiting For The Sun." The poem contained the line: "I am the Lizard King, I can do anything." Fans thought Morrison was refering to himself instead of another persona who Morrison created as the fictional author. The nickname stuck and, after a while, the band added music and the poem was performed several times live. References to The Doors and Morrison feature heavily in the Shadowman video game.