Doctor Vulter

Doctor Vulter also known as Orang Orang or Captain (Dr. Vulter in original language) is a villain from the Mickey Mouse comic books.

He was created by Ted Osborne and Floyd Gottfredson.


As the name says, Orangutan has the appearance of an orangutan anthropomorphic (in military uniform and monocle). Built on the model of Jules Verne's Captain Nemo, commanding a submarine fiction by which takes possession of ships and their crew in order to build his army to conquer the world.

It is obsessed with the absolute domination of the world. In every story that he appears in, he is desperate to get the absolute power, without feeling any scruples or stopping at nothing. Just to reach its purpose is in fact willing to eliminate anyone who blocks the way, try it for Mickey a deep hatred and contempt definitely higher than that experienced by Black Pete and even The Phantom Blot.

After a long absence from the scene, the Pirate Orangutan undergoes a new change of personality: during the events of Raceworld Orangutan, feeling forgotten and ignored, out of fashion, and deprived of his fame becomes even more cynical and cruel, trying to hide his fury growing against Mickey who repeatedly frustrated his ambitions and the world that has forgotten behind a cold front of wickedness.


The character was invented by Floyd Gottfredson and made its debut in 1935, but as it did for many fictional characters from this author did not achieve much success in the United States so that the same Gottfredson not used any more in history. Some success this character got it in Italy, where in particular was involved in a cycle of stories between 1982 and 1998. In all the stories in which the character has appeared are only 10 in the world, all printed in Italy. Our country has contributed to the characterization of this character with 7 stories.

He returns in Raceworld Roberto Gagnor the guise of Mysterious Pilot: rationalizing narrative in the long period of absence from the scene of the Pirate Orangutan, this is now presented as a load of bitterness at having been forgotten and deprived of charisma and fame he enjoyed at the time of his first stories, blaming him for Mickey deprived of glory by stopping his evil plans and the world for having forgotten soon his fleeting success.


  • Like many characters created in the thirties, he is a representation, in this case humorous, the concern that aroused in world public opinion: the rise of Nazism. 
  • His monocle often changes position in the stories, passing from the right eye to the left and vice versa.


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Doctor Vulter
Doctor Vulter