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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Dodge from the Netflix adaptation. The mainstream version can be found here: Dodge (comics).
Villain Overview

Hello darkness... my old friend.
~ Dodge

The Echo, also known as her nemesis' nickname Dodge, Bode Locke's alias of the Well Lady, and her alternate persona Gabe, is the main antagonist in the first season of the TV series Locke and Key. She is an extremely enigmatic entity, cited by Ellie Whedon to be a demon, hellbent on her campaign to unite the keys (especially the Omega Key) and open the mysterious Black Door to raise an army for an unknown purpose. She is well known for her skills as a tactician, seductress, and for her phenomenal improvising.

She was portrayed by Laysla de Oliveira, Griffin Gluck, and Felix Mallard.


Death is not as final as you think.
~ Echo
I'm not going to tell you how to feel.
~ Gabe
So, where can a girl get a drink around here?"
"You can have mine."
"What is that, vodka and kool-aid?"
"What can I say? My body is a temple."
"Yeah. I can see that."
"You know, we can... we can get you something better.
~ Echo and Tyler Locke at Joe Ridgeway's remembrance party.
Well, it's actually a gift for me, but you get to provide the key component. I made a pun!
~ Dodge
Way to peak in high school.
~ Dodge
Hi, Erin. So you're not braindead.
~ Dodge


Dodge's mainstream appearance, partially implied not to be her true one.

Dodge's secret identity as Gabe.

It's unclear what Dodge actually looks like, as she is usually either Lucas Caravaggio's female counterpart, or slightly less often a petite yet handsome male teenager in her Gabe persona. Interestingly, she never does anything uncharacteristic in her first form, with her appearance coming across as chilling to Bode and arousing to Tyler, which she intended. Kinsey once cited her to be very pretty, having no idea she was talking about her own girlfriend. However, as Dodge only turned into "Gabe" to hang out with Kinsey and "Lucas" to mess with Ellie, her female mod, being mainstream, may not be too different from how she really looks.


Geez, Ellie, that really hurt... my pride.
~ Echo after her nemesis tries to murder her in cold blood.

Being an extremely courageous, independent, self-conscious, confident, fearless, adventurous, strong-willed, sophisticated, intuitive, self-respecting and decisive woman who represents the best of charisma, conviction, and feminine strength. However, this is hideously corrupted by her psychosis and her obsessive-compulsive vindictive streak against Ellie Whedon, meaning Dodge has very little inhibition about seeing herself avenged at any cost, in turn meaning she is just as unapologetic as she is charismatic. Dodge harbors no pity or mercy whatsoever for those she deems on the wrong side of morality. She has been relentlessly hunting down all of the keys for currently unknown reasons, hungering for the Omega and Shadow Keys most of all. On the side, she spends most of her time getting to know the Locke children and trying her best to help them move on from losing their father, and finding unorthodox ways to pass the time and adjust to a modern climate after twenty-five years of incarceration. As one defined by her controlling nature, she likewise had remarkable control of her own emotions, seemingly able to react to any situation at a moment's notice without losing her composure at all.

Since being imprisoned in a well, she grew an egregiously relentless and callous mindset in her exile and became hellbent on finding the keys, especially the Omega and Shadow Keys, leading to unbridled ambition. She did not hesitate to ignore the life-threatening predicament Bode's mother was in to finally free herself and prioritize her meeting with Sam Lesser, proceeding on a vicious campaign to achieve her one goal using means such as murder and causing careless destruction around her to ensure the unity of the keys. Bode once cited that all she ever did was lie to other people to make them do things good people wouldn't do; however, it should be noted that Bode was a fairly biased person, and that most people thought she was ethical to a fault and reasonably charming, including Scot Cavendish and the office lady at the front at McCellan's Psychiatric Hospital. Indeed, Echo was almost never deliberately cruel to anyone who hadn't cast the first stone, as she was very helpful to the Savinis (who didn't blame her for enabling Kinsey in the Drowning Caves incident), formally affectionate with the office lady and she had a genuine loving relationship with Kinsey. As stated before, she was extremely nice to Bode and Tyler until both of them betrayed her.

Dodge is an extremely intelligent and formidable genius, particularly in the fields of deception, seduction, and improvisation, which allow her to use the keys in far more formidable ways than others do. Her skills as an improvisational tactician are perhaps the most frequently used, as her quick thinking and resourcefulness are both remarkable. She loves seeing a plan come together. Dodge also has a keen eye for extravagance, complimenting her lean frame and intense face with dresses that are almost always black and red, and wearing an elegant robe to match with the Crown of Shadows when summoning the demon hive during the season's climax.

Dodge maintaining her Lucas Caravaggio disguise.

Despite her calculating mind and vast composure, Dodge is completely insane and mentally ill with an accordingly pathological immunity to fear. Her immediate reaction to Bode's realization she cannot take keys from Lockes, and her disposition whilst helping Kinsey flee the Drowning Caves, were the only times she ever seemed even slightly afraid. Inevitably, she had a violent temper, as shown by her vicious reaction to Bode's realization that she was powerless to forcibly take the keys from a Locke, by Tyler's refusal to give her the key after they had finally gotten to know each other, and again when she stabbed Sam when he began getting on her nerves. She was also blunt enough to tell him nothing made him unique at all. Her demented nature often caused her to do petty things out of boredom, such as snapping one of Rufus' toys in half. She is also accountable about her toxic relentlessness and never hesitated to take responsibility for her own actions.

Curiously, Dodge, while devoid of mercy, is often hesitant to kill or even attack people without purpose. When she tried to kill Nina, it was only in an attempt to escape two long decades of imprisonment; and she only resorted to killing an unnamed child when he was ready to have two others gang up on her upon his refusal to give her the Matchstick Key, reducing the need to hurt the other two at all. She became frightened and infuriated when Joe stalked her, leading to her violent retaliation that ended with his death. Additionally, she only killed Sam Lesser when he turned on her at the last second before begging for her own un-reciprocated loyalty, still intent on killing the Lockes. The act had been one of self-defense and switching sides for the better, something Nina quite ironically was horrified to watch before later conceding in a different context that the right thing had been done. She even claimed that Rendell Locke's murder was never meant to happen and inadvertently avenged him (though likely without vengeance in mind). She also incapacitated Rufus out of self-defense, in her bid for the Shadow Key.

Dodge with the Crown of Shadows.

While she was vague for obvious reasons about her past, she was willing to open up to Kinsey as much as possible. She implied she may have suffered from neglect from both of her parents, although this may have been a lie. She did seem to regret the dynamics of the way Kinsey was affected by Sam's death, as she brought her takeout the morning after Sam died. Echo also made quips when people asked of her personal business, even calling Sam out on envying her freedom (in spite of being imprisoned since before he was born and having been free for less than a month) and calling Ellie out on being jealous that she had an eventful life compared to hers.

Dodge has a dark sense of sarcastic humor and mocked Bode for thinking he could use bubblegum and a stick to shut her up, scornfully told Sam his lack of uniqueness or desire to be part of something bigger than himself was the reason his relationships with everyone were all unhealthy, and awkwardly made a key pun to Erin Voss. Hence, she appears to have an almost childish curiosity about the world since she last saw it and winds up overeating, burgling, and sleeping with a stranger purely out of excitement and angst from being cooped up for so long. She also looked intrigued when a magician mentioned how the use of quarter dollars had changed since she and Ellie were in their primes.

Echo saw it as okay to drink every once in a while and was appalled at Tyler's contrasting fanaticism, which he implied stemmed from Christian beliefs. Although she implied she would have respected that, she convinced him to play drinking games with her later that night, showing she'd gotten him to lighten up a bit, although he still refused to accompany her to a bar located just outside their town's borders.

Despite being regarded by many as an extremely malevolent and guileful woman, Dodge did not take her callous means as a pretext to eliminate those who opposed her at all. Indeed, she never killed the Locke children in spite of having numerous opportunities to do so, nor did she show any signs of real contempt for them, even though they had done everything they could to stop her. She attempted to genuinely open up to all three of them, giving Bode a teddy bear as a peace offering, innocently socializing with Tyler and playing "drinking games" together, and helping Kinsey film with the Savini Squad and providing her with much-needed support with the changes she had to endure after Rendell was murdered by Sam. When put to the test, she actually went out of her way to risk her own life to save Kinsey while they were in the Drowning Caves. In spite of openly finding his unconscious impulses and criminal antics deriving from his unreasonable father pathetic, Dodge still befriended Sam Lesser, speaking with him in jail and offering revenge against Rendell Locke in exchange for the Head Key, only later stabbing Sam with a borrowed knife, conceding she was no longer willing to work around his antics anymore and that his lack of uniqueness made him unappreciated by everyone, herself included. She also angrily cited at one point that Rendell's death was completely unnecessary.

It is also interesting that while Ellie, Dodge, and the demons and shadows are the known residents of the Black Door, the two formers both contrast the rest of the residents in the Black Door in the same ways. Unlike the hardly sentient dark creatures, Dodge and Ellie are both extremely intelligent (enough to tell lies; Dodge about a small handful of things and Ellie about the circumstances of their encounter together) and demonstrating complex human emotions that are both tainted by mental instability.

Dodge is more or less herself when posing as Gabe, but she is considerably less eloquent and more prone to stammering in the most general of contexts. It is also worth noting that Gabe cusses very seldomly, whereas Dodge never cussed at all.

Powers and Abilities


  • Enhanced Physical Attributes: While the keys give her abilities such as masquerading as a brown-haired teenager or Lucas' female counterpart, or setting buildings on fire, or teleporting, Dodge has displayed unnatural abilities unrelated to the keys, presumably because of both her mysterious physiology and due to her keeping in excellent shape during her imprisonment. However, she also uses the keys more efficiently than anyone else does, making her more dangerous than another character with the same keys in their hands. It was stated near the end of the season that Echo cannot be killed by normal means.
  • Longevity: Dodge has been alive for decades, having already being an adult when she encountered Ellie and having barely aged at all when she first met Bode, while Ellie had become middle-aged during the timeframe.
  • Physical Strength: Dodge has inhuman strength, being able to physically dominate other people even without the keys solely by using the muscles in her limbs, disarming Bode and strangling Gilles until he was unconscious, with neither of them able to do anything to stop her in spite of her delicate frame.
  • Agility: Dodge is more agile and flexible than most people are, remaining alive in the Wellhouse for several months. She was also able to drop into a perfect kneeling position to face Bode in the graveyard in a third of a second, with no change to her posture while her legs were hovering over the grass. The only time she seemed to exert any signs of discomfort carrying out physical activity was mild exhaling and grunting whilst crawling through an indentation in the heart of the Drowning Caves.
  • Reflexes: Dodge is more quick on her feet and flexible than most people are, as she calmly ducked her head at lightning-speed when Ellie shot her point-blank, to her archenemy's horror.


Dodge casting a stable stream of fire with the Matchstick Key, demonstrating her remarkable stealth.

  • High Intelligence: Dodge's other primary ability is being vastly intelligent, quite possibly a borderline genius, particularly in the fields of tactics, seduction, and improvisation, which allow her to use the keys in more formidable ways than other characters do. Another mark of Echo's sheer decisiveness is just how obvious it seemed to everyone that Joe's death was a suicide, with no fingerprints having been found on the bag minus Joe's or those of Nina Locke.
    • Expert Manipulator: Dodge is very skilled at superbly getting into people's heads and manipulating them. Her charisma, social intuition, and ability to feign sanity long enough to get on the right peoples' good and bad sides proved to be essential in her completing her quest. She effortlessly befriended Kinsey while disguised as Gabe and kept Tyler busy until Sam had already arrived at the manor, although her specific methods showed she genuinely cared for them. In her guise as Lucas, she was able to use his naturally intimidating demeanor in conjunction with her own manipulative skills to keep Ellie and Rufus quiet about her. She even used her sexuality to intimidate a man whose computer she forcibly borrowed.
    • Expert Tactician: Dodge's skills as an improvisational tactician are perhaps the most frequently used. When Sam Lesser refused to give her the key and Erin Voss unexpectedly intercepted her mental intrusion, she promptly killed Sam and trapped Erin and left before anyone could retaliate. Additionally, she was able to convincingly feign ignorance about Sam Lesser and the keys as Gabe.
    • Expert Social Intuit: Dodge has a high degree of social confidence, allowing her to intuitively determine how to interact with others, gain their respect and get her point across with a calmness, eloquence, and charisma that belie her mysteriousness.


  • Arrogance: Dodge's main weakness is her overconfidence and arrogance. Hence, Dodge does express some surprise, left temporarily caught off-guard, when an unexpected turn of events causes her plans to not work out the way she intended and she is forced to make up a counterattack on the fly. However (unlike with antagonistic figures such as Sam Lesser or Eden Hawkins), this weakness of hers is ultimately an insignificant one, as Dodge's tremendous intellect and cold calculation allow her to very effectively compensate for this at almost all times, mastering almost any situation with her sheer cunning, and she is quick to recover and seamlessly use her alternative plans to make up for it.
  • Mental Instability: Dodge's imprisonment has made her unhinged and impulsive with little inhibition about harming those she disliked and thus this influences her actions. This, along with her being easily distracted by simple things like dogs barking in the distance, sometimes hinders her during important or even crucial moments.
  • Susceptibility (allegedly): According to Ellie's speculation, Echo could allegedly lose her free will to the Crown of Shadows and, even within the Black Door, be forced to materialize onto a crown and eject from it to serve whoever possessed the Shadow Key. However, her status as a shadow is unconfirmed.
  • Alpha Key: As a key designed to unlock demons from souls, Dodge is susceptible to it. When the key is used on a demon, the demon is almost instantly killed with the host soon following. Tyler Locke was able to use this key to kill Dodge after creating it.


Dodge, that was my nickname for him. He was on the fencing team. [...] Now that name means something completely different to me.
~ Ellie

The Echo is so named by her first interaction with Bode Locke, and as she is merely known as someone awoken by the echo of his voice and has made no distinction between her race, and so her name is simply Echo. She is also known as her nemesis' nickname, which is Dodge. "Dodge" had once been the nickname of Ellie Whedon's lover, Lucas Caravaggio, as he had been on a fencing team. After summoning the Echo and forcing her to assume Lucas' appearance, she began calling her "Dodge" as well. She did not give Ellie the satisfaction of expressing any displeasure with her nickname, even introducing herself as such to Tyler Locke and apparently Sam Lesser as well. Having met her in a well, Bode Locke childishly gave her the alias of the "Well Lady".

The Echo also went by her alternate persona, which is Gabe. She referred to herself as such when integrating into the Savini Squad, as appearing as a male teenage persona would be much more likely to induce their leader, Scot Cavendish, to allow her into the fold, and Kinsey Locke to fall in love with her.



  • Dresses/Robes: Despite being underdressed during her first encounter with Bode Locke, Dodge burgled several items, using the Anywhere Key to evade retaliation, ending up with two dresses, a necklace, a bra, and possibly others. She somehow had a black robe when she summoned the demon army.
  • Alien Crab Costume: Dodge wore this costume when filming with the Savini Squad.
  • Crown of Shadows: Dodge acquired the Crown of Shadows from Ellie and used it in conjunction with the key to summon an army as part of her coup.

Other Equipment

Well, you need to try harder, and when you find them, you're going to give them back to me.
~ Dodge
  • Keys: Dodge was the rightful possessor of the Keys of the Locke family, a collection of magical relics hidden throughout Keyhouse Manor.
    • Identity Key: Dodge has possessed this key the longest.
    • Anywhere Key: Dodge acquired the key from Bode, and her masterful use of it proved crucial to her campaign.
    • Music Box Key: Dodge briefly took possession of the key to help Kinsey Locke.
    • Omega Key: Dodge used this key to open the Black Door and access its astral inhabitants.
    • Shadow Key: Dodge acquired this key from Ellie and used it to summon shadows.
  • Teddy Bear: Dodge harbored a teddy bear as both a thank-you gift and a peace offering for Bode, although the irate boy did not accept it.



  • Sam Lesser (former situational ally) †
  • Bode Locke (formerly)
  • Tyler Locke (briefly)
  • Kinsey Locke
  • Scot Cavendish
  • Doug Brazer
  • Zadie Wells
  • Eden Hawkins (situational ally)
  • Shadow Demons (situational allies)


  • Bode Locke (currently)
  • Tyler Locke (currently)
  • Ellie Whedon †
  • Rufus Whedon
  • Erin Voss
  • Joe Ridgeway †


While her empowering, vivacious, and extremely intriguing nature has made her a fan favorite, Dodge is still divisive, with some criticizing the way she treats people, with others simply claiming her personality is uncomfortable. Still, many highly praised her mysteriousness and complexity. Laysla De Oliveira's performance was extremely well-received, with media outlets calling her a highlight of the Netflix show and citing the breakout star has incredible potential. Her unique charisma and emotional depth projected onto the character have received particular praise. However, Felix Mallard's portrayal of her was spoken far less highly of. Critics called his performance forced and devoid of the subtlety De Oliveira brought the character. Griffin Gluck's performance, on the other hand, has been universally well-received, with many viewers anticipating seeing more of his role in the future. The scenes where she incapacitates Gilles, saves Kinsey from death, and unleashes the Crown of Shadows were particlarly enjoyed by her fans. Furthermore, thanks to her unconventional beauty and fun personality, she was voted as the most attractive female character in the series on FANDOM and the second-most on Facebook (with Kinsey getting more votes).

However, the character has also been the target of negative attention due to lines she crosses as an antiheroine and the fact that some find her energy harrowing. She is often rashly accused of using people or initiating disturbing violence for little to no reason. The scene with the train has been a particular source of notoriety and grief for her from haters, who frequently gouge out several of the things she has done (good and bad), which her fans tend to find extremely irksome. Additionally, several outlets have cited her as a horrible role model, despite evidence to the contrary. We have received little context of her scenes as Lucas Caravaggio.


  • To date, Dodge appears in all ten episodes either using her appearance as Lucas or Gabe or with Lucas' female reflection.
  • In spite of her multi-dimensional character arc and positive traits coinciding with her negative ones, Laysla De Oliviera seems to do her best to portray Dodge as a complete demonic barbarian by consistently speaking of her unapologeticness, yet using Angelina Jolie's Maleficent as a primary source of inspiration which does in fact relate to each other personality-wise. The show's director, on the other hand, paints Dodge in a sympathetic light and that she has a lot yet to be revealed about her to be judged as pure evil. Despite all this, there is no evidence the director is wrong about painting her in such a manner, in spite of Oliviera viewing her solely as a hateful sadist.
  • Dodge winds up dating a member of the same sex when impersonating Gabe, which is presumably a mark of her determination to do anything it takes to unite the keys and open the mysterious Black Door.
  • Dodge's final demise is similar to her comic counterpart with one major difference being that Lucas is unharmed by Dodge's destruction and is set free to continue living as an Echo rather than dying once again.

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