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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Dodge from the Netflix adaptation. The mainstream version can be found here: Dodge (Locke & Key).
Villain Overview

In the world I come from, the chaos consumes us, and we consume the chaos. But over here, this world has so much potential to be reborn and consumed. To be ruled.
~ Dodge's plans for global unity.
Don't think I'm funny? Feel like I'm caring? Kind? I guess it's subjective, so…
~ Dodge regarding her own character.
In a lot of ways, Nephrophedite is a tragic hero. You could say his fatal flaw is falling for a woman he could never truly be with.
~ Duncan Locke unintentionally foreshadowing the continuation of Dodge's character arc.
~ Dodge in the third season.

Dodge, also known as as Bode Locke's alias of the Well Lady, and her alternate persona Gabe, is one of two overarching antagonists (along with Frederick Gideon) in the TV series Locke and Key. She is an extremely powerful and enigmatic demonic entity, hellbent on her campaign to unite the keys (especially the Omega Key) and open the mysterious Black Door to raise an army to unite the world where demons and humans live as equals under her egalitarian rule. At the end of the second season, Dodge is exorcised by Tyler Locke with the newly-created Alpha Key, something that separates her from the real Lucas Caravaggio who is strangely revealed to have been trapped inside of Dodge the entire time. Dodge successfully changed magic on the Terran plane forever. Along with being a demoness, Dodge is also an Echo, a physical manifestation of a deceased individual that is summoned back using the Echo Key. She was killed by Rendell Locke twenty-five years ago after first possessing Lucas, but in the present day, Ellie attempted to bring Lucas back as an Echo, unknowingly resurrecting Dodge instead. As a result of being an Echo, Dodge is left nearly invulnerable to harm since Echoes cannot be killed by physical means. Furthermore, she is well known for her skills as a tactician, seductress, and for her phenomenal quick thinking.


Dodge serves as the main antagonist of the first season of Locke & Key as well as the love interest, and she inevitably becomes an antihero when she is seen stopping bullies, helping the Savini Squad, including saving the protagonist's life, becoming the catalyst for the romance between Tyler Locke and Jackie Veda, and covertly supporting the Lockes in any way she can. She returns as the tritagonist turned secondary antagonist of its second season, and has recently been slated to resume her role as tritagonist in the third season, where she will surely challenge Frederick Gideon. To date, she appears in all twenty currently released episodes either using her real appearance, the appearance of her host body Lucas Caravaggio, or her disguise as Gabe. In the first season, Dodge mostly appears in her true colors, but in the second, she primarily appears as Gabe. This makes sense since she is without the Identity Key for several episodes and is determined to win Kinsey Locke over by continuing to pose as a male. While she will appear both as Gabe and as her true colors in the third season, it is unclear which she will be more consistently. To date, she is the only non-Locke to never be entirely absent in a single episode.


Primarily, Dodge was portrayed by Laysla de Oliveira in her main form, with her experiencing her very first villainous role, which she enjoyed due to not having to always be a "goody two-shoes". She was Christmas shopping in a Banana Republic when she got the call the part was hers, she grew ecstatic and dropped what she was doing and ran outside the mall, screaming and crying, not just because the role was so different from anything she'd worked on before, but because she had work for the next twelve months. During filming, she developed a powerful bond with Darby Stanchfield and supplied the Portuguese dub for Netflix's imminent presentation. Unlike Griffin Gluck, she learned of the show's final twist relatively quickly. Dodge’s travels with the Anywhere Key posed a problem for the attractively tall actress, who described it to The Wrap as a “logistical nightmare” when it comes to using actual keys to open actual locks. As she described, the effects team put a green screen or blue screen with a little bit of space for her to walk through it and then did the same thing on the other side and then went to the other location which had the screen on the other side. She claimed to have gone through at least 100 doors while shooting the first season. Her impressive height meant that many lower doors were hard to put the lock into without the character looking uncharacteristically clumsy, although De Oliveira was able to find humor in her aggravation, citing there should be a video emphasizing just how much she struggled walk through doors and insert the key into the keyhole. She appreciated how Dodge was unafraid to be mean to certain people and never apologized for doing what had to be done, a trait not often seen in antagonistic female roles. Indeed, Dodge was her first time portraying an alleged villainess instead of an accepted heroine or neutral character, and is her most well-known role to date. Despite this, she was backtracked in the second season, with most of her scenes being handed to Gluck instead at the last minute. Mark Tonderai said this questionable choice was intended to avoid repetition. Still, Laysla was notably the first to release anything related to Season Two by showing Dodge suiting up on her Instagram profile.

Additionally, Dodge was also portrayed by Griffin Gluck in her "Gabe" persona, with him experiencing his very first villainous role, for which he reportedly had to plan his performances "as carefully as possible". Dodge is also played by Felix Mallard when using Lucas Caravaggio's appearance, who also plays Marcus Baker in Ginny & Georgia. Ironically, in spite of usually appearing as a plot-correlated stunt double for Laysla De Oliveira, Felix Mallard currently holds the record of the actor playing a deceased character to appear the most frequently, having appeared in five episodes in the first season and making a comeback in the final episode of the second season.


Dodge's mainstream appearance, partially implied not to be her true one.

You can't use the Identity Key to turn into a person. You can only use the Identity Key to turn into a brand-new person. […] I already was Lucas; I just needed a new look.
~ Dodge

It is unclear what Dodge actually looks like, as she is usually either a chillingly beautiful young brunette, or slightly less often a petite yet handsome male teenager in her Gabe persona. Her primary image is tall, slender, healthy, and extremely beautiful; she has brown, intense eyes and casual yet rich-colored brown hair and excellent posture. As Scot Cavendish cited, she had an excellent fashion sense and intuit, with a suiting flair for the color black, as almost all of her outfits are dominantly that color — essentially the unity of colors. Interestingly, she never does anything uncharacteristic in her first form, and as she only turned into "Gabe" to hang out with Kinsey Locke and "Lucas" to mess with Ellie Whedon, her female mod, being mainstream, is heavily implied to be her true appearance all along.

Dodge's secret identity as Gabe.

As revealed in the second season, the Identity Key doesn't allow one to take on the form of a real person. Given that she has already been Lucas and already been herself, she can swap these appearances at will. Dodge can only assume Lucas' form because he is her vessel. Dodge can also change into an even more aesthetically mesmerizing version of herself during moments of "righteous anger", displaying an almost luminous greenish skin tone, radiant and pupiless eyes, and perfectly filed teeth, during which times her voice takes on a deep, husky, and erotic sound.

Apparently, Dodge's appearance was perfectly capable of catching attention from numerous boys and even Kinsey, who once cited her to be very pretty, having no idea she was talking about her own girlfriend. Javi and Brinker Martin also both thought she was extremely attractive. Additionally, she was able to persuade Gilles to join her in bed just with minimal body language alone. As stated previously, Scot also mentioned her bone structure and fashion sense were both perfect. The man in the café in the third episode and Bernadette considered her to be very pretty as well.


Whatever I am, I still have a human soul. I mean what I say.
~ Dodge

Being an extremely courageous, independent, self-conscious, confident, fearless, adventurous, strong-willed, sophisticated, intuitive, self-respecting and decisive woman who frequently builds people up; doesn't just help people in need, but also made them see the best parts of themselves, and represents the best of charisma, conviction, and feminine strength. However, this is hideously corrupted by her psychosis and her obsessive-compulsive vindictive streak against Ellie Whedon, meaning Dodge has very little inhibition about seeing herself avenged at any cost, in turn meaning she is just as unapologetic as she is charismatic. She was also vindictive enough to frame Brinker Martin for theft and order Javi to self-harm because both of them had pervertedly leered at her when she came to their party, even though that happened months ago. Even then, her conscience took over and she immediately forgave Javi's failure to apprehend her archenemy. Needless to say, Dodge harbors no pity or mercy whatsoever for those she deems on the wrong side of morality. She has been relentlessly hunting down all of the keys for the presumed (though unconfirmed) motive that the relics are most likely rightfully hers just as much as the Lockes. On the side, she spends most of her time getting to know the Locke children and trying her best to help them move on from losing their father, and finding unorthodox ways to pass the time and adjust to a modern climate after nearly a year of incarceration. As one defined by her controlling nature, she likewise had remarkable control of her own emotions, seemingly able to react to any situation at a moment's notice with incredible sophistication and maturity without losing her composure at all.

Dodge's vehement and relentless nature made her intolerant of other people's antics, especially when motivated by revenge.

Since being imprisoned in a well, she grew an egregiously relentless and callous mindset in her exile and became hellbent on finding the keys, especially the Omega and Shadow Keys, leading to unbridled ambition. She did not hesitate to ignore the life-threatening predicament Bode's mother was in to finally free herself and prioritize her meeting with Sam Lesser, proceeding on a vicious campaign to achieve her one goal using means such as murder and causing careless destruction around her to ensure the unity of the keys and the forging of the Demon Key. Dodge resents how the Lockes' ancestors are responsible for demons being kept out of the Earthly Plane and segregated in a chaotic and loveless realm. Ultimately, her goal is to end this separation and make sure humans and demons can break old-fashioned stereotypes and coexist together. Additionally, her revenge wasn't just for summoning and caging her; she became even more obsessed with Ellie after she showed her true cowardice in not defending Joe Ridgeway at all and proceeded to attempt to shoot her point-blank. Bode once cited that all she ever did was lie to other people to make them do things good people wouldn't do, with Erin Voss citing that she should be characterized by lies and deceit; however, it should be noted that Bode was a fairly biased person, Erin was extremely biased, and that most people thought she was ethical to a fault and reasonably charming, including Scot Cavendish and Bernadette. She also persuaded Gilles to sleep with her without even using very many words, eventually tiring of his weak attempts to pleasure her and incapacitating him, before her smile faltered a bit as she realized he was out and hesistantly departing the scene more slowly than she would have a moment before. Indeed, her true motivation was to not destroy the world like Frederick Gideon, but create a new one, one where the demons and humans lived as one under her rule. She was almost never deliberately cruel to anyone who hadn't cast the first stone, as she was very helpful to the Savinis (who didn't blame her for enabling Kinsey in the Drowning Caves incident), formally affectionate with Bernadette and she had a genuine loving relationship with Kinsey. As stated before, she was extremely nice to Bode and Tyler until both of them betrayed her.

Dodge is an extremely intelligent, unpredictable, and formidable genius, particularly in the fields of insight, deception, seduction, intuition, and improvisation, which allow her to use the keys in far more formidable ways than others do. Her skills as an improvisational tactician are perhaps the most frequently used, as her quick thinking and resourcefulness are both remarkable. She loves seeing a plan come together. Additionally, she possesses the unnerving capacity to gain an accurate and deep instinctive understanding of a person or concept. Dodge also has a keen eye for extravagance, complimenting her lean frame and intense face with dresses that are almost always black and red, and wearing an elegant robe to match with the Crown of Shadows when summoning shadows into Keyhouse Manor.

Dodge's perky, confident, and empowering demeanor.

Despite her calculating mind and vast composure, Dodge is moderately unhinged and mentally ill with an accordingly pathological immunity to fear; life in the Wellhouse has clearly emptied her of her takes on mercy, although she still retained some vestige of pity for others. Her immediate reaction to Bode's realization she cannot take keys from Lockes, and her disposition whilst helping Kinsey flee the Drowning Caves, were the only times she ever seemed even slightly afraid. Inevitably, she had a violent temper, as shown by her vicious reaction to Bode's realization that she was powerless to forcibly take the keys from a Locke, by Tyler's refusal to give her the key after they had finally gotten to know each other, and again when she stabbed Sam when he began getting on her nerves. Her attitude towards him became even more justified after his astral form vindictively tortured her. She was also blunt enough to tell him nothing made him unique at all. Her somewhat deranged nature often caused her to do petty things out of boredom, such as snapping one of Rufus Whedon's toys in half. She is also accountable about her arguably toxic relentlessness and never hesitated to take responsibility for her own actions. Indeed, the only predictable aspect of the demoness' deranged psyche is her inherent unpredictability.

While she clearly considered mercy a fool's prize and hence is happy to put down her most dangerous enemies, Dodge almost never kills or attacks other people without purpose. This made her different from Eden Hawkins, who in her possessed state was unhinged and bloodthirsty, which Dodge finds exasperating. When she resorted to killing Ray when he was ready to have two others gang up on her upon his refusal to give her the Matchstick Key, she intended to preserve the secrecy of the keys from New Yorkian knowledge, doubly reducing the need to hurt Ray's undoubtedly underage friends at all. She became frightened and infuriated when Joe Ridgeway stalked her, leading to her violent retaliation that ended with his death, once again taking a life to preserve the keys' secrecy. Additionally, she only killed Sam Lesser when he turned on her at the last second before begging for her own un-reciprocated loyalty, still intent on killing the Lockes. The act had been one of self-defense and switching sides for the better, something Nina quite ironically was horrified to watch before later conceding in a different context that the right thing had been done. She even claimed that Rendell Locke's murder was never meant to happen and inadvertently avenged him (though likely without vengeance in mind). She also incapacitated Rufus out of self-defense, in her bid for the Shadow Key.  She demanded a deranged man abandon his house, and when he furiously tried to kill her, only then did she strike back, leaving who was acting in self-defense up for debate. Furthermore, Karl's death infuriated her and she boldly scolded a possessed Eden for it.

Dodge's obsessive-compulsive vindictive streak coming to a head as a showdown ensues within Keyhouse Manor.

As an ultimately benevolent and insightful woman who knew when to do bad things for good reasons (hence earning her status as a false antagonist), Dodge never took her callous means as a pretext to eliminate those who opposed her at all. Indeed, she never killed the Locke children in spite of having numerous opportunities to do so, nor did she show any signs of real contempt for them, even though they had done everything they could to stop her. She attempted to genuinely open up to all three of them, giving Bode a teddy bear as a peace offering, innocently socializing with Tyler and playing "drinking games" together after encouraging him to be less fanatical and resulting in him treating Jackie Veda with the respect she arguably deserved, and helping Kinsey film with the Savini Squad and providing her with much-needed support with the changes she had to endure after Rendell was murdered by Sam Lesser. While she was vague for obvious reasons about her past, she was willing to open up to Kinsey as much as possible. She regretted the dynamics of the way Kinsey was affected by Sam's death, as she brought her takeout the morning after Sam died. Dodge also made quips when people asked of her personal business, even calling Sam out on envying her freedom (in spite of being imprisoned for many months and having been free for less than a month) and calling Ellie out on being jealous that she had an eventful life compared to hers.

More than anything else, Dodge was motivated by her belief in the power of the spirit, be it mankind or demonkind. She also had a deep capacity for love, and frequently did things for people like Kinsey when there was nothing in it for herself, even before improving on previous moral agency issues mentioned earlier. Dodge believed in the good in everyone and insisted on giving second chances. She furiously chased Tyler to Keyhouse Manor in her van, but quickly opted to simply push him out of her way and silence Sam's reign of terror because it was the right thing to do. She notably argued strongly against the idea of Kinsey luring her into a cat-and-mouse game and toying with her romantic feelings, despite Eden pointing out overwhelming evidence of Kinsey's narcissistic manipulations. Dodge also briefly reconnected with Bode, despite his monstrous attempts to diabolize her so he could steal her property by manipulating his own kin. She had a great friendship with Eden until her bratty and unbelievably selfish attitude became too prominent to ignore. The greatest example of this, however, is Dodge's relationship with Sam Lesser, in whom Dodge was willing to hold faith after Sam showed eagerness to help her. She even saw a possibility for good in the disturbed teenager, and was open to giving him a second chance and even wanting to consider him a part of her family in all but blood, despite the fact that Sam had already revealed himself to be a barbarous psychopath and bully despite his youth, though she ensured he knew she wanted him to be better rather than simply hoping for the best. In spite of openly finding his unconscious impulses and criminal antics deriving from his unreasonable father pathetic, she still befriended Sam Lesser, speaking with him in jail and offering revenge against Rendell Locke in exchange for the Head Key, only later stabbing Sam with a borrowed knife, conceding she was no longer willing to work around his vicious antics anymore and that his lack of uniqueness made him unappreciated by everyone, herself included, and later cursing him out when he tortured her in astral form. She also angrily cited at one point that Rendell's death was completely unnecessary. When put to the test, she actually went out of her way to risk her own life to save Kinsey Locke while they were in the Drowning Caves, finally revealing what kind of person she truly is in the process.

It was her wise insight of doing what needed to be done, and quickly, that made Bode and Tyler naively presume her to be definitely malevolent and guileful to great extremes. While Dodge knew disorder preceded order and every war included fatalities, she frequently strove to keep the casualty count to an absolute minimum due to her powerful conscience. By contrast, Dodge disdained those who sought chaos for selfish gain, holding Sam Lesser's grudge against society as well as his sadistic massacre of his underage inmates in contempt, finding Eden's hedonistic aims and vindictive manipulations of Josh Bennett pathetic, finding Scot's awkward physical attraction to Kinsey over any real love to be equally pathetic, showing darkly amused disapproval that Erin Voss wanted to murder her for no reason and could have been much more discrete and strategic about this malevolent endeavor, openly expressing disgust of Rendell for greedily endangering his friends so he would not have to worry about aging out of magic, and showing outright disapproval that Kinsey rejected her out of sheer homophobic beliefs and xenophobic instincts.

The only time Dodge ever failed to help someone see their best traits is when she offered the heartless Sam Lesser two shots at redemption.

Much like Scot Cavendish, another consistent trait in Dodge is to make others see the best parts of themselves. This is what allowed Dodge to inspire Bode to be extremely courageous, resourceful, and develop an aptitude for independent problem solving; Tyler to get back with Jackie, learn to respect women, and prioritize moderation over fanaticism when it came to drinking; Kinsey to realize she was a gutsy and charming individual at her core, and to realize she and Scot made her feel loved and safe in two very different ways (though this later proved a pyrrhic accomplishment due to Kinsey's juvenile xenophobia); to help the Savini Squad feel motivated and significant; to inspire Bernadette to feel better about herself and her visage; and also indirectly inspire several students (possibly dozens) belittled by Eden and defamed to slowly gain a leg to stand on when the narcissistic bully's reputation had been diminished to an undisclosed degree. Presumably, Gilles learned that it is wise for future kinky sexual encounters to be preceded by mutual trust lest he wake in a painful and half-conscious state. Although they never had any real interaction throughout the first season, Nina finally came to terms with Rendell's death, enough to symbolically let his remains go. Even Rufus found a better guardian to move in with, away from a city he wasn't functioning well in, as a direct result of Dodge's central objective throughout the first season. Her long-term goals would have helped the entire world see its incredible potential for revitalization. Indeed, the only time Dodge ever failed to inspire a flawed individual to see the best parts of himself and do something heroic was when she gave Sam Lesser two shots at redemption, first by asking him to question Rendell Locke about Keyhouse Manor, and second by lending him her Matchstick Key, since despite this (coupled with Rendell's wise and compassionate counsel) disproving Sam's main reason for hating society and wanting to watch the world burn, Sam was already too far gone and too malevolent an individual to change his ways.

Dodge compassionately consoled Kinsey about the huge changes the Lockes had to endure and commended her for applying for Parsons.

Dodge has a dark sense of sarcastic humor and mocked Bode for thinking he could use bubblegum and a stick to shut her up, claimed that the lesson she taught Eden was her award for a lifetime of striving for pettiness, scornfully told Sam his lack of uniqueness or desire to be part of something bigger than himself was the reason his relationships with everyone were all unhealthy, and awkwardly made a key pun to Erin Voss, cited no one would miss a hermit in the gene pool, playfully chided Doug for not working hard enough, and told Demoness Eden she could make herself useful by doing what she did best, which was nothing. Hence, she appears to have an almost childlike curiosity about the world since she last saw it and winds up overeating, burgling, and sleeping with a stranger purely out of excitement and angst from being cooped up for so long — showing that anyone will resort to unethical means when their need for something is great enough. She also looked intrigued when a magician named Gustav mentioned how the use of quarter dollars had changed since she and Ellie were in their primes.

Dodge's increasing maturity meant she had little patience for the childish antics of other demonesses, especially Eden.

Dodge has a lot of self-discipline and is a stern companion who is usually focused on getting the job done with a combination of irresistible liveliness but admirable maturity when needed, thus having very little patience for Eden's antics.

Dodge's relationship with the Lockes is rather mixed. She was friendly and affectionate towards Bode, but this did not blind her from tough love, as she led him to rope to fix his own mistake with the Mirror Key instead of babying him. Being inwardly vicious and sociopathic at heart, Bode tried to cripple her and issued a challenge that he would steal all of her keys, leading to her antagonizing him several times, though this is mostly because he frequently thought about her destruction. The two bonded again when Dodge came to speak with Chamberlin Locke, but Bode was already too far gone to change his perception of her. While similarly friendly and affectionate towards Tyler, this extended to her being sexually attracted to him. However, he made off with her Anywhere Key and judged her harshly for being the bigger person and saving his life, showing she obviously does not wish the Lockes death. Tyler's lack of gratitude would become blatantly obvious soon enough when he dishonorably sneaked up on her and murdered her, although he had a secondary drive being his grief over losing Jackie Veda. She generally stays out of the way of Nina, who in all fairness is only a Locke through matrimony. It is unknown why Duncan acted ignorant to her imprisonment on his grounds, nor ever made an attempt to help her. For this, she bound him along with Bode, forced him to forge the Demon Key, and sent Javi to execute him. Duncan retaliated by ordering her own followers to betray and assault her. As for Rendell, Dodge cited his death as "bad luck" to Erin Voss and hence held this against Sam Lesser, eventually avenging the counselor.

Dodge wanted to get along with the Lockes, but was disrespected and badly admonished for trying, even though she never did anything that could be considered "unforgivable".

Her most complicated relationship by far is with the middle child, Kinsey. Since revenge didn't make very many friends, she integrated herself into the Savini Squad, using the Identity Key to fit in with Kinsey and her new friend group. She was friendly and a bit shy around her, opening up to her after she used the Music Box Key. Her willingness to nearly sacrifice herself to get Kinsey out of the Drowning Caves and awkward confession that she was extremely tough, charismatic, and attractive made it blatantly clear her interest in her was apparently more than just a simple platonic ally and can be implied that she actually loves her in a gay and romantic way, potentially referencing another part of her identity she, herself had yet to figure out. Kinsey was initially quick to reciprocate her romantic feelings. Knowing Scot Cavendish was a guy, she felt understandably intimidated by his own relationship with her. Her love for Kinsey frequently brought her brighter traits to surface level and frequently caused her to act uncharacteristically amiable and benign, meaning Kinsey just might be helping her restore her mental health from before the Wellhouse, going to no end about how much both need the other. Even after Kinsey discovered the truth about her, she still yearned to have her by her side.

She is more or less herself when posing as Gabe, but she is considerably less eloquent and more prone to stammering in the most general of contexts. It is also worth noting that Gabe cusses very seldomly, whereas Dodge never cussed at all.

Personal tastes

Seeing it as okay to drink every once in a while, Dodge helped Tyler get over his ideas of fanaticism.

Dodge saw it as okay to drink every once in a while and was very appalled at Tyler's contrasting fanaticism, which he implied stemmed from Christian beliefs. Although she implied she would have respected that, she convinced him to play drinking games with her later that night, showing she'd gotten him to lighten up a bit, although he still refused to accompany her to a bar located just outside their town's borders. This made her very different from Eden, who gorged on alcoholic beverages for a form of twisted approval from her peers, and while Dodge probably didn't know about this, it certainly would have made her cringe. On a similar note, Dodge is not charitable at all in her regard for One Direction, although she notably had music by far less famous names such as ZHU and Cole playing on her casette once, indicating she harbors a more favorable opinion of them.

As a remarkably sex positive girl, Dodge is on the LGBTQ+ spectrum as she had an aggressive sexual encounter with Gilles, kissed a complete stranger at a café, and groped Tyler; and was formerly in a genuine same-sex relationship with Kinsey, not knowing their lesbian love was only real for her.

Powers and abilities


I can end you, anytime. Understand?
~ Dodge
  • Demoness/Echo Physiology: Due to both being a demoness and an Echo, Dodge has remarkable powers. While the keys give her abilities such as masquerading as a brown-haired teenager or a female young adult, or setting buildings on fire, or teleporting, Dodge has displayed unnatural abilities unrelated to the keys, presumably because of both her mysterious physiology and due to her keeping in excellent shape during her imprisonment, as she actually remained in the well house for months, not only surviving but maintaining her strength and coordination. She was also able to move around with pinpoint precision; the only time she seemed to exert any signs of discomfort carrying out physical activity was mild exhaling and grunting whilst crawling through an indentation in the heart of the Drowning Caves. However, she also uses the keys more efficiently than anyone else does, making her more dangerous than another character with the same keys in their hands. It was stated repeatedly that "normal means" cannot defeat her.
    • Peak-human strength: Especially for someone with her BMI, Dodge possesses inhuman strength, being able to physically dominate other people even without the keys solely by using the muscles in her limbs, disarming Bode Locke twice and strangling Gilles until he was unconscious, with neither of them able to do anything to stop her in spite of her delicate frame. She effortlessly lifted Eden with one hand, clearly terrifying the demoness. When she punched the forge around the Demon Key with her bare fist, it cleaved neatly in two. Dodge’s strength also proved to be a big advantage when in battle and a powerful blow from Dodge could knock a person unconscious instantly as shown during her scuffle with Rufus and Ellie Whedon. This effectively negates the benefits of the Hercules Key (although she used it in front of Bode and avoided a fight with the key-enhanced Tyler Locke, both to avoid suspicion). For such an emaciated girl to be able to move as effortlessly as she does, let alone exert her strength as she does must mean that her strength is enhanced by her status as a supernatural entity. Based on this, the full extent of Dodge’s superhuman strength, while never seen explicitly, most certainly makes her a force of nature in her own right.
    • Nigh-invulnerability: Dodge's skin, bones, and muscles are considerably denser and harder than those of other sentient organisms, which makes her nearly invincible. Most notable of all is that she was unharmed when Ellie shot her point-blank, to her archenemy's horror. When being menaced by a deranged hermit with a jagged rifle, she remained completely calm. Dodge was durable enough that she needed to slice open Demoness Eden's hand instead of her own. She was completely unharmed after the failed key's explosion blew her and Demoness Eden backward, showing only anger at Chamberlin Locke's deception. The Lockes concluded she could not be destroyed by common measures. However, this comes from her status as an Echo since she was killed when she initially took on the form of Lucas Caravaggio. Echoes can only be dissipated by crossing the threshold of the Wellhouse, something that Dodge got around by using the Anywhere Key. She also sincerely feared drowning in the sea caves, hugely implying this may be a limit to her virtual invincibility.
      • Self-sustenance: Dodge is able to survive in the harshest of environments without the essentials for several months, and in spite of physically and psychologically degrading during her time in the Wellhouse, Dodge survived in there for a long time before reaching the brink of starvation.
    • Peak-human agility: Dodge is more agile and flexible than most people are; while this is not often seen throughout the two seasons, she was able to twist around and backhand Rufus Whedon into a table a split-second after he tried to ambush her with a sharp toy, without spraining the muscles in her arm, and later execute a perfect somersault to free herself from Sam Lesser's malevolent influence and evade a powerful blow from a demon at their cliffside residence. Additionally, she was not at all hampered by her collapsing headquarters during her final showdown with Kinsey.
    • Peak-human stamina: Due to her active and ever-fluctuating way of life, Dodge is able to exert herself at the peak of her superhuman strength for hours at a time without any known limits to how long she can maintain her stamina. Given that she is capable of keeping up with her lessons at Matheson Academy, her quest for global unity, maintaining a social life, and her various hobbies, Dodge certainly has vast levels of superhuman stamina that no other individual has matched. Dodge's stamina also exceeds Tyler's, as she briefly stopped to catch her breath inside QuikStop while Tyler was breathing heavily after running the same distance to Keyhouse. Theoretically, Dodge could likely stay awake and keep exerting herself for several days at a time without fatiguing, though this is unknown due to a lack of evidence.
    • Peak-human reflexes: Dodge possesses incredible superhuman reflexes and could easily repel most assaults on her with a remarkable reaction time.
    • Superhuman senses: Dodge possesses enhanced senses that allow her to better navigate her environment.
    • Superhuman metabolism: Because of the accelerated metabolisms of demons, Dodge burns calories at an accelerated rate, keeping her body slim and fit, so this requires her to intake a high amount of calories to function normally. However, her metabolism is not quite as strong as that of Eden Hawkins, and it is unclear how it compares to Frederick Gideon.
  • Longevity: In spite of physically and psychologically degrading during her time in the Wellhouse, Dodge survived in there for several months before reaching the brink of starvation, indicating Echoes have a very long lifespan and may even live for centuries.
  • Object Manifestation: Dodge had the mysterious and unique supernatural ability to commune with people through visual art mediums such as a portrait or a book. She communed with Sam Lesser to form an alliance, and contacted Bode to remind him she would inevitably get her keys back from his unrightful hands.

The Keys

File:Dodge in Crown of Shadows.jpg

Dodge leaving Keyhouse Manor to arrive at Javi's house by Anywhere Key

Your house is filled with amazing keys.
~ Dodge

Dodge had supernatural abilities through her magical keys, combined with her already extraordinary physical constitution and raw power. She displayed incredible understanding and knowledge of the powers her keys possessed and bore apparent mastery over all of them, which allowed her to use their ability to warp nature itself for combative purposes with remarkable finesse, making it virtually impossible to defeat her in a physical contest.

  • Teleportation: Dodge could use doors as a means of warping locations, first using it to escape the Wellhouse onto a rainy street. She also used it to teleport from the front of a restroom to a clothing store, come in and out of a museum, teleport in and out of Keyhouse several times and leave through a nearby shed on one occasion, and exit the hospital to get to Ellie Whedon's house.
  • Shapeshifting: Dodge could transform into other humanoids, namely turning into Gabe to get closer with Kinsey Locke, and she used to routinely transform into Lucas Caravaggio to aggravate Ellie Whedon further.
  • Pyrokinesis: Dodge could conjure fire. Hence, she generated a ring of flames around herself and Bode.
  • Mind Control: Dodge could eradicate the free will of Eden Hawkins and use words to persuade her thoughts. She humiliated her in the cafeteria after Kinsey's attempts proved to be uncreative.
    • Control of Demons: By merging with the Crown of Shadows, Dodge could control demons from the Black Door that moved about as shadows. She dispatched them into Keyhouse to accomplish revenge against Ellie Whedon.
  • Mind Penetration: Dodge could penetrate Erin Voss' mind by using a doorway as a gateway between worldly dimensions. Hence, she discovered the whereabouts of the Omega Key.
  • Alysídakinesis: Dodge can control a powerful chain of iron, using it to protect herself from Tyler and apprehend Bode and surpassing Erin Voss' mastery of the relic. She was also able to use the Chain Key as a whip to soundly repel three teenagers simultaneously, showing a proficiency with using bizarre weapons with great skill.
  • Astral Projection: By stepping outside of the doorway to Keyhouse Manor, Dodge could enter her astral form, albeit as Gabe, not herself. In this way, she had two encounters with Chamberlin Locke, both of during he relentlessly antagonized her. Much like humans and in contrast to demons, light did nothing to impede the movements of her astral form.
  • Demon Transferal: Through use of the Demon Key, Dodge can transfer demons from the Black Door into unwitting hosts.


Dodge going toe-to-toe with a dozen demons.

Oh really, just like that time you thought you killed me with your cute little light sword? How about that time your brother and sister threw Ellie through the Black Door thinking it was me? Stopped like that? Is that what you mean?
~ Dodge justifying her confidence in her skillset to Bode.
  • Master combatant: Dodge, while not on the level of Frederick Gideon, is a skillful fighter. Hence, she easily overpowered half of her assailants in her run to procure the Omega Key (all in spite of not having a body for centuries, and not having the physiology of an echo yet), although she did notably avoid a direct physical fight with a possessed Eden Hawkins or a Hercules Key-enhanced Tyler, though it should be noted she effortlessly backhanded him twice just before the Demon Key was forged. Furthermore, she masterfully incapacitated a dozen demons Duncan Locke sent after her in a matter of moments.

Dodge casting a stable stream of fire with the Matchstick Key, demonstrating her remarkable stealth.

  • Stealth mastery: Dodge is exceptionally stealthy, as she was able to steal a necklace from a museum, and later quickly sneak past Nina Locke to incinerate her stove, without getting caught on either occasion. She was able to live in Ellie Whedon's house for weeks with no one ever seeing her there until Bode Locke stumbled into her, and by then it was too late to do anything about it.
  • Genius-level intelligence: Aside from her remarkable physical composition, Dodge's other primary ability is being vastly intelligent, quite possibly a borderline genius, particularly in the fields of insight, tactics, seduction, intuition, and improvisation, which allow her to use the keys in far more formidable ways than other characters do, in addition to being an ideal person to have on one's side and an absolutely horrible person to have as an enemy. Another mark of Dodge's sheer decisiveness is just how obvious it seemed to everyone that Joe's death was a suicide, with no fingerprints having been found on the bag minus Joe's or those of Nina Locke. Being highly intellectually and emotionally perceptive, she can easily see right through most lies (aside from the extremely experienced and perceptive Chamberlin Locke) and accurately deduce the truth and the character of most people.
    • Expert manipulator: Dodge is very skilled at superbly getting into people's heads and manipulating them. Her charisma, social intuition, and ability to feign sanity long enough to get on the right peoples' good and bad sides proved to be essential in her completing her quest. She effortlessly befriended Kinsey while disguised as Gabe and kept Tyler busy until Sam had already arrived at the manor, although her specific methods showed she genuinely cared for them. In her guise as Lucas, she was able to use his naturally intimidating demeanor in conjunction with her own manipulative skills to keep Ellie and Rufus quiet about her. She even used her sexuality to intimidate a man whose computer she forcibly borrowed.
    • Expert deceiver: Dodge is phenomenally skilled in deception, as she was able to successfully hide her extremism under a relatively harmless façade, which was convincing enough to initially fool all three of the Lockes and keep discrete tabs on them, with none of them initially suspecting her to be hellbent on opening the Black Door. Even with the intuitive and darkly driven Bode Locke frequently thinking about her destruction, she was still able to mostly deceive him by leaving behind so few loose ends, that he was only able to deduce what became of Ellie Whedon, and even then he was unable to uncover her entire endgame, until it was too late. Furthermore, her skills in this field served her well as a cross-gender actress when she played Nephroprodite in The Splattering.
    • Expert tactician: Dodge's skills as an improvisational tactician are perhaps the most frequently used, despite her insanity being capable of sometimes impairing her higher thinking. Her cunning and planning allow her to successfully outwit her enemies, which often works out better than fighting them directly and taking them head-on, especially when trying to determine her friends and enemies and which is which. This she often does by using anyone's exploitable weaknesses, although almost always for righteous purposes. When Sam Lesser refused to give her the Head Key as had been promised and a metaphysical manifestation of Erin Voss unexpectedly intercepted her mental intrusion, she promptly killed Sam and trapped Erin and left before anyone could retaliate, showing her quick thinking and supporting just how versatile and unpredictable Dodge really is. Additionally, she was able to convincingly feign ignorance about Sam Lesser and the keys as Gabe, given her ability to predict and gather information on her opponents allowing her to easily out-strategize any of them one-on-one, thereby making it almost impossible for them to succeed against Dodge, with Dodge almost always being flawlessly successful in the long run.
    • Expert social intuit: Dodge has a high degree of social confidence, allowing her to intuitively determine how to interact with others, gain their respect and get her point across with a calmness, eloquence, and charisma that belie her mysteriousness. Hence, she remains well-respected by several characters who love her as a person but are also prejudiced against demonic entities.
    • Expert word-player: Dodge is remarkably skilled with wordplay to the point that she has the idiosyncratic ability to reveal things that she is aware of so subtly that even the most intelligent individuals could only realize what she means if she wants them to, with Dodge being able to openly and smugly flaunt her knowledge to their faces while hiding the true meanings so well so as to make even people as perceptive as Erin Voss ignorant.

Dodge's first two known attempts at forging metallic relics only backfired because she did not have Locke blood to offer up.

  • Expert forger: Dodge is very skilled at forging objects from metallic ingots, even otherworldly ones, assembling the right tools to forge the Demon Key, only failing in her initial attempt because she was not a Locke, even then making a perfect-looking key head with complex and rounded ridges fairly reminiscent of the mane of a lion.
  • Gifted film artist: Dodge has a reasonable degree of knowledge about cinematrography from her time under the Savini Squad, once suggesting they could construct miniatures and use the bathtub for filming, as the team's low budget prevented them from building their own set. Even on her first day, she was genuinely surprised that Eden Hawkins did not already realize she would get fake blood all over her during filming, implying she is a quick learner when it comes to the technological and artistic aspects of motion pictures.
  • Cycling: Dodge could ride a bike at impressively fast speeds, even at dusk.
  • Swimming: Dodge is a highly skilled swimmer, being able to pull Kinsey Locke to shore when they were in the Drowning Caves.

Dodge's chillingly beautiful visage.

  • Master intimidator: Despite Dodge's benevolent personality and cryptic standing as a good-willed creature, she proved herself to be an astonishingly effective intimidator. Even a slight exertion of her serious side and anger could intimidate the likes of Bode Locke. Additionally, when she began cutting off Gilles' air to reduce his consciousness, he seemed too frightened to defend himself. At the apex of Dodge's wrath, which happened extremely rarely, such as when she first confronted the former Keepers of the Keys or when she apprehended Kinsey, her normally captivating facial features became struck with an ice-cold fury. In fact, during the first rare moment of intense anger Dodge was so terrifying, that only the incredibly valorous Rendell Locke could shake off his unease and land a successful strike onto her. In all the times Eden Hawkins unleashed her anger, Dodge proved herself capable of quelling even Eden's anger with just a slight exertion of her dark side, to the point she would not reveal her whereabouts even after being stranded, showing that even Eden or Bode's rage could not match the seriousness and fury the extraordinarily powerful girl was capable of.
  • Indomitable willpower: Dodge has tremendous determination and strength of will, which makes her an extremely formidable enemy for anyone to have, as a girl who absolutely refuses to ever give ground and resign herself to seemingly insuperable odds. Indeed, Dodge's compassionate, nuanced, and mysterious nature frequently made others see the best parts of themselves. This was a consistent trait in Dodge and it allowed her to inspire Bode to be extremely courageous and pragmatic, inspire Tyler to become more respectful and moderate, inspire Kinsey to realize she had intense inner strength, help the Savini Squad feel motivated and significant, and inspire an employee at McCellans Psychiatric Hospital to feel better about herself. More indirectly, she also helped several students belittled by Eden and defamed to slowly gain a leg to stand on when the narcissistic bully's reputation had been somewhat diminished and inspired Nina to come to terms with Rendell's fate, and may have even caused Gilles to come to value trust and correlate it with recreational sex. Indeed, the only time Dodge ever failed to inspire a flawed individual to see the best parts of himself and do something heroic was when she gave Sam Lesser two shots at redemption, first by warmly introducing herself by manifesting in a portrait and again by helping him escape his legal imprisonment, since despite this, coupled with Rendell's counsel, disproving Sam's main reason for hating the world, Sam was already far too malevolent to change his ways.


He thinks I'm dumb, that I don't see, but I do.
~ Rufus Whedon ackowledging Dodge's arrogance.
  • Arrogance: Dodge's main weakness is her overconfidence and arrogance. Hence, Dodge does express some surprise, left temporarily caught off-guard, when an unexpected turn of events causes her plans to not work out the way she intended and she is forced to make up a counterattack on the fly. Her pompous mood following her rescue of the night before caused her to not hide as well as usual, causing Bode Locke to deduce she lived with Ellie Whedon. She also underestimated her son Rufus, who found her key hidden under a floorboard. However (unlike with antagonistic figures such as Sam Lesser or Eden Hawkins), this weakness of hers is ultimately an insignificant one, as Dodge's tremendous intellect and cold calculation allow her to very effectively compensate for this at almost all times, mastering almost any situation with her sheer cunning, and she is quick to recover and seamlessly use her alternative plans to make up for it.

Dodge's psyche was injured during her time in the Wellhouse, resulting in challenges in functioning or coping normally.

  • Mental instability: Dodge's imprisonment has made her unhinged and impulsive with little inhibition about harming those she disliked and thus this influences her actions. This, along with her being easily distracted by simple things like dogs barking in the distance, sometimes hinders her during important or even crucial moments.
  • Alpha Key: As a key designed to unlock demons from the souls of their vessels, Dodge is susceptible to it. When the key is used on a demon, the demon is almost instantly killed with the host soon following. Tyler Locke was able to use this key to kill Dodge after creating it, but with the unexpected side effect of restoring the real Lucas Caravaggio who was trapped inside of Dodge the entire time.


Dodge, that was my nickname for him. He was on the fencing team. […] Now that name means something completely different to me.
~ Ellie

The Echo is so named by her first interaction with Bode Locke, and as she is merely known as someone awoken by the echo of his voice and has made no distinction between her race, and so her name is simply Echo. She is also known as her nemesis' nickname, which is Dodge. "Dodge" had once been the nickname of Ellie Whedon's lover, Lucas Caravaggio, as he had been on a fencing team. After summoning the Echo and forcing her to assume Lucas' appearance, she began calling her "Dodge" as well. She did not give Ellie the satisfaction of expressing any displeasure with her nickname, even introducing herself as such to Tyler Locke and apparently Sam Lesser as well. Having met her in a well, Bode Locke childishly gave her the alias of the "Well Lady".

Dodge also went by her alternate persona, which is Gabe. She referred to herself as such when integrating into the Savini Squad, as appearing as a male teenage persona would be much more likely to induce their leader, Scot Cavendish, to allow her into the fold, and Kinsey Locke to fall in love with her.

However, in another sense, Dodge actually is an Echo which, in Locke & Key, is sort of a physical manifestation of a dead person called back to life using the Echo Key. Dodge was originally killed by Rendell Locke twenty-five years before mainstream events, but returned due to Ellie attempting to call Lucas back as an Echo which brought Dodge back as well due to the demoness still being latched on to Lucas' soul even in death. After Dodge's demise, the real Lucas is identified as being an Echo as well which is why he survived the separation from her and Captain Frederick Gideon, who was summoned back to life in the same manner as Dodge, is an Echo as well.



  • Dresses/Robes: Despite being underdressed during her first encounter with Bode Locke, Dodge burgled several items, using the Anywhere Key to evade retaliation, ending up with two dresses, a necklace, a bra, and possibly others. She also had a captivating black jacket, tank top, and red leather skirt when she killed Sam, and an iconic black robe when she summoned the shadow army.
  • Casual attire: Dodge had several casual and masculine outfits when posing as Gabe. When reverting into Lucas, she usually wore a black T-shirt.
  • Alien Crab Costume: Dodge wore this costume when filming with the Savini Squad.
  • Crown of Shadows: Dodge acquired the Crown of Shadows from Ellie and used it in conjunction with the key to summon an army as part of her coup.

Other equipment

Dodge holding some of her keys.

Well, you need to try harder, and when you find them, you're going to give them back to me.
~ Dodge
  • Keys: Dodge was the rightful possessor of the Keys of the Locke family, a collection of magical relics hidden throughout Keyhouse Manor. Following her exorcism, several of the keys are given to the Locke family by the real Lucas Caravaggio.
    • Identity Key: Dodge has possessed this key the longest. She received it from Ellie Whedon. Following her exorcism, it is returned to the Locke family by the real Lucas Caravaggio.
    • Anywhere Key: Dodge acquired the key from Bode, and her masterful use of it proved crucial to her campaign.
    • Matchstick Key: Dodge acquired this key from Ray after silencing him. It allows the user to light anything that the key touches on fire. After the death of Sam Lesser, Dodge loses the key which is eventually found and retrieved by Bode Locke.
    • Music Box Key: Dodge briefly took possession of the key to help Kinsey Locke.
    • Omega Key: Dodge used this key to open the Black Door and access her fellow astral inhabitants; it was the key she appeared to value most out of her entire collection.
    • Shadow Key: Dodge acquired this key from Ellie and used it to summon shadows. Presumably, it fell into the ocean along with Dodge's crumbling house.
    • Head Key: Dodge acquired this key from Sam Lesser which allows her to enter the minds of other people, namely Erin Voss. It was stolen by the Locke family.
    • Plant Key: Dodge utilized this key to summon and control plants and to bring down her headquarters. Following her exorcism, it is returned to the Locke family by the real Lucas Caravaggio.
    • Ghost Key: Dodge acquired this key which allows the user to turn into a ghost after passing through a certain door in the Keyhouse. While disguised as Gabe, she used this key under trickery to talk to the ghost of Chamberlin Locke. Following her death, it is returned to the Locke family by the real Lucas Caravaggio.
    • Echo Key: The key that first summoned her back to life. Dodge is shown to have possession it, keeping it hidden in Gabe's dorm room at Matheson Academy. After her death, it is stolen and used by Eden Hawkins.
    • Demon Key: Dodge's most powerful asset and weapon in the second season which she forced Duncan Locke to craft for her. The Demon Key allows Dodge to infect other people with demons without having to use the Black Door in order to bring them to Earth. Dodge uses this to build a demon army for herself before the key is stolen back by Duncan who, as it turns out, can control the demons summoned with it due to being its creator.
  • Teddy Bear: Dodge harbored a teddy bear as both a thank-you gift and a peace offering for Bode, although the irate boy did not accept it.


  • Wellhouse: Dodge was imprisoned in the Wellhouse for several months when Ellie and Rufus Whedon agreed to leave her for dead.
  • Whedon residence: Dodge lived here during her plot to get even with Ellie for caging her, much to the dismay of both her and her son Rufus. While here, she usually turned into Lucas Caravaggio.
  • Matheson Academy dormitories: Dodge attended Matheson Academy and as such had a dorm to work and sleep in after school hours.
  • Cabin: A small, relatively old-fashioned house was located deep in the woods, where a deranged hermit lived until Dodge, accompanied by Eden Hawkins, attacked the home and slew the hermit in order to use it as a temporary forge, seeing how unwise it would be to use her dorm for this purpose.
  • Cliffside headquarters: Dodge found a large cliffside house and used it as a base of operations when she began her revolution with the new demons. She used them as a vanguard against her enemies and let them reside here. She later destroyed it with the Plant Key.


The Lockes

Bode Locke

Dodge's patience with Bode was mostly based on his meager age and gradually waned as his psychopathy became increasingly obvious.

Happy hunting, Bode.
~ Dodge after putting Bode in his place temporarily.

Bode Locke was Dodge's archenemy and was a serious threat to her life. When they first met, Dodge was friendly and affectionate towards Bode, but this did not blind her from tough love, as she led him to rope to fix his own mistake with the Mirror Key instead of babying him. Being inwardly vicious and sociopathic at heart, Bode tried to cripple her and issued a challenge that he would steal all of her keys, leading to her antagonizing him several times, though this is mostly because he frequently woke up in the morning thinking about her destruction. The two bonded again when Dodge came to speak with Chamberlin Locke, but Bode was already too far gone and inherently cruel to change his perception of her.

Tyler Locke

Dodge took an immediate liking to Tyler, having no idea just how readily he would betray her.

Compared to Bode, Dodge was similarly friendly and affectionate towards Tyler, although in his case this extended to her being sexually attracted to him. However, he made off with her Anywhere Key and judged her harshly for being the bigger person and saving his life in spite of what he had just done to her, showing she obviously does not wish the Lockes death. Tyler's lack of gratitude would become blatantly obvious soon enough when he dishonorably sneaked up on her and murdered her in cold blood, although he had a secondary drive being his grief over losing Jackie Veda, meaning he slaughtered her out of love for the dead, not just mindless hatred.

Nina and Rendell Locke

Dodge generally stays out of the way of Nina, who in all fairness is only a Locke through matrimony, and does not initially seem to wish ill on her. She did feel threatened when Nina almost caught her removing Karl's dead body, but Nina promptly forgot and the two remained cordial. However, Dodge did use her to threaten Kinsey. It is unknown if she ever interacted with him in the past, but Dodge cited Rendell's death as "bad luck" to Erin Voss and hence held this against Sam Lesser, eventually avenging the counselor.

Duncan Locke

It is unknown why Duncan acted ignorant to her imprisonment on his grounds, nor ever made an attempt to help her. For this, she bound him along with Bode, forced him to forge the Demon Key, and sent Javi to execute him due to knowing he would never stop protecting an enemy as dangerous as Bode. Duncan retaliated by ordering her own followers to betray and assault her. He had first learned about her when he recovered all of his memories of magic and remembered her killing his brother's friends in self-defense, although it is unknown how she first learned about Duncan.

Kinsey Locke

Dodge began a Lesbian relationship with Kinsey, having no idea their love was only real for her.

It's got to be hard to understand, but you have no idea how good this feels. I want you by my side. I wanna share all of this with you, Kinsey. What we had was special. […] The feelings on my side were real. I didn't want to force you into this, I wanted you to choose it. It mattered to me, but now you know what I'm capable of.
~ Dodge confessing her true feelings for Kinsey Locke.

Her most complicated and healthy relationship is with the middle child, Kinsey. Since revenge didn't make very many friends, she integrated herself into the Savini Squad, using the Identity Key to fit in with Kinsey and her new friend group. She was friendly and a bit shy around her, opening up to her after she used the Music Box Key, indicating there was a thinning barrier of trust between the two. Her willingness to nearly sacrifice herself to get Kinsey out of the Drowning Caves and awkward confession that she was extremely tough, charismatic, and attractive made it blatantly clear her interest in her was apparently more than just a simple platonic ally and can be implied that she actually loves her in a gay and romantic way, potentially referencing another part of her identity she, herself had yet to figure out. Kinsey, ignorant that they were both females, was quick to reciprocate her romantic feelings. Knowing Scot Cavendish was the opposite sex as Kinsey, she felt understandably intimidated by his own relationship with her; she was going to reveal something huge to both of them before Scot revealed he was on lunch break prompting her to simply leave after Scot, although it remained unknown what she would have disclosed to Scot and Kinsey had the conversation continued.

Kinsey ultimately realized Dodge and Scot made her feel safe and loved in completely different ways and Dodge was the one she wanted to be with romantically, with Dodge being delighted they would end up spending the summer holidays together. Her love for Kinsey frequently brought her brighter traits to surface level and frequently caused her to act uncharacteristically amiable and benign, meaning Kinsey just might be helping her restore her mental health from before the Wellhouse, going to no end about how much both need the other.

Even after Kinsey discovered the truth about her, she still yearned to have her by her side. By this point, however, her love was only real for her. Kinsey incorrectly assumed she simply desired to reduce her free will. Dodge finally resolved to put an end to their toxic chemistry and, with a heavy heart, defended herself with the Chain Key, only for Tyler to ambush and exorcise her.

The Shadow Demons

Dodge's personal vanguard of shadow demons regarded her as a virtuous and charismatic leader, rather than a tyrant who could have made them fear for their lives.

Dodge had a good relationship with the other demonic residents of the Black Door, as they all looked up to her and would sometimes imply they thirsted for her approval. In turn, she is protective and caring towards them and has a very strong regard for their well-being, to the point of refusing to lure them into oxygen to perish and become Whispering Iron. She wanted them to live harmoniously with humans and this earned their tremendous respect. Of her fellow shadows she took Javi and Daniel Mutuku into her confidence, making Javi her right-hand man and having Mutuku succeed him posthumously when he was stranded in the desert with a permanently fractured host body. She was also patient with Mutuku when he didn't fully understand her orders.

The only shadow she didn't get along with was the one possessing Eden Hawkins. She initially followed Dodge willingly but was often annoying and obnoxious enough that the normally astute and insightful girl had to manhandle her twice. This is because while Dodge was a morally grey antiheroine, Eden was completely amoral, eating Karl's face out of pure primal instinct and urging Dodge to murder Kinsey Locke repeatedly. When Dodge merely expressed annoyance at the coast guardsmen who forbade them from being in the sea caves, Eden promptly murdered them in cold blood before Dodge herself could do anything about it. While Dodge enjoyed a good drink every once in a while, Demon Eden would try to get twisted approval from teenagers by immoderately gorging herself on alcoholic beverages, much to the chagrin of Jackie Veda, a future shadow host. And while Dodge hung out with the Savinis and enjoyed their company, Eden didn't exhibit a desire for friendship and rebuked Jackie checking on her and Brinker Martin trying to console her. Dodge genuinely loved Kinsey, but Eden was so arrogant that she was more or less indifferent to everybody, regardless of how they perceived her. Needless to say, their personalities are polar opposites to a nearly comical degree. She eventually became tired of Dodge's authority; considering she was much more strict towards her because their respective personalities couldn't possibly be more different, this is unsurprising.

Dodge made it clear if she stayed out of line anymore then she would kill her herself. When that time came, however, she couldn't bring herself to do it, instead leaving her at Keyhouse to whatever fate she was destined for. Hence, she was dismissive when Eden came crawling back to her and invited her to leave without being forcibly escorted. She later intercepted her in the Drowning Caves and attempted to have other shadows execute her in self-defense, and while the ensuing cave-in failed to claim Eden's life, it was still the last Dodge would ever see her.


  • Sam Lesser (victim and former situational ally) †
  • Scot Cavendish (love rival)
  • Doug Brazer (crewmate)
  • Zadie Wells (crewmate)
  • Abby (crewmate)
  • Gilles (sexual partner; briefly)
  • Bernadette (acquaintance)


  • Ellie Whedon (captor)
  • Rufus Whedon (attempted killer)
  • Erin Voss (attempted killer and victim) †
  • Ray (victim) †
  • Joe Ridgeway (attempted exploiter and victim) †
  • Javi (unwanted admirer) †
  • Brinker Martin (unwanted admirer)



Name Cause of death Type of death
Kim Topher Head cracked on shelves Self-defense
Jeff Ellis Neck snapped
Ray Thrown in front of a train Accident
Joe Ridgeway Suffocated with a plastic bag Identity threatened with exposure
Sam Lesser Stabbed Self-defense
Hermit Bludgeoned with a shovel Violent confrontation
Fisherman Disintegrated by the first Demon Key Accident
Erin Voss Neck crushed Self-defense


Name Cause of incapacitation Type of incapacitation
Gilles choked underwhelming sexual encounter
Rufus Whedon smashed against a living room table self-defense
Ellie Whedon punched part of faking her death
Logan Calloway smashed against a lunch table violent confrontation


Season One

Death is not as final as you think.
~ Echo
Bode, hi! Did you miss me? I had a really wonderful day because of you, I even won you a… my gosh! What did you find?
~ Echo
I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
~ Echo presenting her Anywhere Key to the neighborhood kid.
Well, you wouldn't believe the bad luck I've had. First your old boyfriend Rendell, you know he's dead, right? Oops! Not my fault by the way. Then your old pal Mark went up in smoke. Also, not my fault. And now, you… you're not making this very easy, are you?
~ Echo during her visit to Erin Voss.
I'm done playing games! Give me the key!
~ Echo confronting Bode Locke.
You're making dreams come true.
~ Gabe trying to reason with Scot Cavendish.
Where's your sense of adventure?
~ Gabe
So, where can a girl get a drink around here?"
"You can have mine."
"What is that, vodka and kool-aid?"
"What can I say? My body is a temple."
"Yeah. I can see that.
~ Echo and Tyler Locke at Joe Ridgeway's remembrance party.
The night's young, and I'm not done with you yet.
~ Dodge
I'm not going to tell you how to feel.
~ Gabe
Well, it's actually a gift for me, but you get to provide the key component. I made a pun!
~ Dodge
Way to peak in high school.
~ Dodge
Hi, Erin. So you're not brain dead.
~ Dodge
Ellie, stop it. You're embarrassing yourself.
~ Lucas seeing through Ellie Whedon's fib.

Season Two

Weird can be good. I'm weird.
~ Gabe
Wow. Congrats, man.
~ Gabe extoling Scot Cavendish for becoming a candidate for acting school.
Bode, don't you realize now is the chance to live your best life? […] Well, you've got all this power and you get to do whatever you want with it. So why don't we live a little?
~ Gabe
Pretty cool, huh? Have a good time!"
"I will, you little shit!
~ Bode Locke and Gabe as she enters the Ghost Door.
I would risk anything for her.
~ Gabe mentioning Kinsey to Chamberlin Locke.
That old man… LIED TO ME!
~ Gabe briefly reverting into an extremely erotic voice, as part of her reaction to Chamberlin tricking her into wrecking her own house.
You wish, Sam. You can't kill me!
~ Gabe to Sam Lesser while she's being tortured.
What you're best at. Absolutely nothing.
~ Gabe after Demoness Eden asks her to find her something to do.
I don't know how I feel about these butterflies, though. I kind of want something that'll make me look hard. You know, like a neck tat or something? […] How about this little lobster claw, in honor of my boy Nephropredite, you know?
~ Gabe during Winterfest.
Enough! No more of this backtalk. You only exist to serve me. No more 'hey have you considered this', no more 'hey why don't we try that'? Understood?
~ Gabe disciplining an extremely disrespectful Demoness Eden.
I guess we're doing this the hard way.
~ Gabe after her girlfriend betrays her and attempts to murder her in cold blood.
It might not be funny, but it is going to be fun.
~ Gabe
That's incredible. All right, hold still, Javi, buddy. Hold still, come on, this isn't going to hurt! Well, it might, I actually don't know.
~ Gabe
It's not the end of the world. Let's go make you some new friends.
~ Gabe
Welcome to the dark side.
~ Gabe
Actually, I think it's going to be the other way around.
~ Gabe's response to Demoness Eden threatening to teach her respect.
Are you kidding me?!
~ Gabe's reaction to Kinsey finding her Angel Key.
Goodbye, Kinsey.
~ Dodge's last words as Lucas Caravaggio.



While her empowering, vivacious, and extremely intriguing nature has made her a fan favorite, Dodge is still divisive, with some criticizing the way she treats people, with others simply claiming her personality is uncomfortable. Still, many highly praised her mysteriousness and complexity. Laysla De Oliveira's performance was extremely well-received, with media outlets calling her a highlight of the Netflix show and claiming that the breakout star has incredible potential. Her unique charisma and emotional depth projected onto the character have received particular praise. However, Felix Mallard's portrayal of her was spoken far less highly of. Critics called his performance forced and devoid of the subtlety De Oliveira brought the character. Griffin Gluck's performance, on the other hand, has been universally well-received, with many viewers anticipating seeing more of his role in the second season. The scenes where she incapacitates Gilles, saves Kinsey from death, unleashes the Crown of Shadows, explains how the Identity Key works to Eden Hawkins, and finishes forging the Demon Key were particlarly enjoyed by her fans. Furthermore, thanks to her unconventional beauty and fun personality, she was voted as the most attractive female character in the series on FANDOM and the second-most on Facebook (with Kinsey Locke getting more votes).

However, the character has also been the target of negative attention due to lines she crosses as an antiheroine and the fact that some find her energy harrowing. She is often rashly accused of using people or initiating disturbing violence for little to no reason. The scene with the train has been a particular source of notoriety and grief for her from haters, who frequently gouge out several of the things she has done (good and bad), which her fans tend to find extremely irksome. To drive the turning point home, quite ironically, an anonymous and extremely sanctimonious and hypocritical administrator claimed along with his friends that she could potentially qualify as Pure Evil. Considering she owned twenty keys and could have used her resources to obliterate Earth and instead all she did was suffocate a 70-year-old stalker, bludgeon a wild man with a shovel, and invite her siblings to join her in moving overseas while she tried to reconnect with her xenophobic ex-girlfriend, showing the extent of perverse flanderization from her haters, which has been stressed throughout social media for months. Ironically, many haters would not come anywhere near the comics, but indulge themselves in some extremely sexist jokes at her expense anyway. Additionally, several outlets have cited her as a horrible role model, despite ample evidence to the contrary. We have received little context of her scenes as Lucas Caravaggio in the first season.


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  • In spite of her multi-dimensional character arc and positive traits coinciding with her negative ones, Laysla De Oliviera seems to do her best to portray Dodge as a complete demonic barbarian by consistently speaking of her unapologeticness, yet using Angelina Jolie's Maleficent as a primary source of inspiration which does in fact relate to each other personality-wise. The show's director, on the other hand, paints Dodge in a sympathetic light and that she has a lot yet to be revealed about her to be judged as purely evil. Despite all this, there is no evidence the director is wrong about painting her in such a manner, in spite of De Oliviera viewing her solely as a hateful sadist.
  • Laysla De Oliveira enjoyed the challenge of playing a female villain since she had few experiences with unapologetic women in antagonistic roles. Griffin Gluck enjoyed receiving a similar challenge in sharing the role with her.
  • Dodge is one of four known LGBTQ+ characters in Locke & Key, the others being Duncan Locke, Brian Rogan, and Abby. She is the only known character to be pansexual rather than homosexual, being a remarkably sex positive icon in general. Additionally, her lack of heterosexuality has been responded to quite well by her fans.
    • Dodge winds up dating a member of the same sex when impersonating Gabe, which is presumably a mark of her determination to do anything it takes to unite the keys and open the mysterious Black Door, although her love is hinted to be genuine in the first season and proven so in the second.
  • There was a long-running theory by a user named SWLover2 on Hero Wiki, that Dodge wasn't a demoness at all, as the demon merging Lucas could be killed by Rendell Locke with a blow to the head with a makeshift melee weapon. However, when Dodge was shot by Ellie, she was momentarily paralyzed, and very much alive. In this storytelling medium, demons can be killed by fireplace pokers, but echoes are stated to be unkillable by "normal means". Ellie summoned her when she intended to bring Lucas back, not an unwilling impersonator, but when Dodge was shot nothing happened, in contrast to the demon Rendell slew with relative ease. The second season proved she was wrong, however, as Dodge's near-invulnerability is confirmed to derive from her status as an Echo, making this factor fully obsolete, and all in all, the thirteenth episode proves she is a shadow after all.
  • Unlike her comic counterpart, she does have a solid gender. However, for obvious reasons male pronouns have also been used when she is disguised as Gabe.

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