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Dodge is a minor antagonist in Erin Hunter's Warriors book series.

He serves as the main antagonist of the super editions "SkyClan's Destiny" and "Hawkwing's Journey".

He was a rogue leader of his group, known to be rivals to Stick's group. He attempted to get rid of Stick and his group multiple times, in hopes of stealing their territory and prey for his own.

Even after estabilishing peace with SkyClan and Stick's group, he directed Darktail towards SkyClan territory, planning on getting revenge on them. He kidnapped the clan apprentice and later got challenged by Hawkwing on a duel, during which the SkyClan warrior killed the rogue leader.


SkyClan's Destiny

Dodge first appears along with two members of his group, Misha and Skipper, while trying to steal prey from two members of Stick's group. Upon Stick's arrival on the scene, a scuffle breaks out during which one of Stick's cats loses one eye to Misha, while Dodge fights Stick. Their fight gets interrupted when a Twoleg comes out of the house and lets his dogs out upon the cats, chasing them away. He is later seen talking with Harley and Stick's daughter, Red, who is revealed to have become the latter's mate.

After Stick and his group arrive to his camp, Dodge and his rival taunt each other, before attacking each other, which ignites a battle between both groups and SkyClan. After Red is accidentally killed by her father while protecting her mate, Dodge warns Stick not to harm Harley, while the former threatens Dodge. Both toms' bickering is cut short when Leafstar convinces them to share the territory, saying that this will prevent any of them from losing what each of them loves, which prompts Dodge to reluctantly agree on the terms.

Hawkwing's Journey

It is mentioned that Dodge and his group began to ignore the warning Leafstar gave them, as his cats started to ignite some fights near the borders recently. After Curlypaw is kidnapped by his cats, Dodge sends out Harley to send a message to SkyClan, saying that he wants to discuss the current situation with the clan. When SkyClan arrives to his camp, he tells Leafstar that he was expecting her. before revealing his role in Darktail's attack on SkyClan; admitting to having instructed Darktail about whereabouts of the clan. Upon hearing this statement, some of the clan's warriors begin to bicker with the rogue leader, but he stops when Leafstar asks why he had kidnapped Curlypaw. He reveals that he wants to make a deal with the clan leader, saying that if the clan will help him drive away Stick and his group, he will let Curlypaw go, before giving SkyClan ultimatum; either to fight for him or against him. Hawkwing, SkyClan's young warrior accusses Dodge of cowardice and claims that both toms should fight; if the former wins, SkyClan will not be harmed and if Dodge wins, SkyClan will fight for the rogue. The two toms quarrel yet again briefly, before starting to fight.

They fight and tussle briefly, until Dodge pins Hawkwing down, seemingly victorious. However, the SkyClan warrior reminds himself of the rogue leader's deeds, most notably of his role in Darktail taking over their territory and driving them away, which infuriates him. In his rage, he slashes blindly at his opponent, unknowingly tearing a gash in Dodge's throat, who convulses and loosens his grip on Hawkwing, before collapsing, dead.

After his death, Harley takes over the leadership of his group, before freeing Curlypaw, letting SkyClan leave, aswell as promising to share the space and territory with Stick's group.


Dodge is a huge, scarred, dark brown tabby tom cat with a flat, scarred face and a shredded ear.


Dodge is a cruel, cunning and disrespectful cat. He is known for not keeping his promises towards Stick's group, aswell as letting Twolegs to do the dirty work for him, in keeping Stick and his group away from his territory. He doesn't back down from fighting and directs Darktail towards Skyclan in revenge for Leafstar's involvement in his and Stick's conflict from past time. He is also arrogant, as shown when he underestimates Hawkwing during their duel, which ends up with Hawkwing killing Dodge.


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