I'm STARVED... later!
~ Dodo

Dodo is a pet and minion for Valentina in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He is a fat blackbird with a red tipped toucan like beak. He gets hit by Valentina often. Even some of the citizens of Nimbus Land were appalled by the way he's treated.

Valentina took control of Nimbus Land by forcing Dodo to impersonate the true prince, Mallow. She kidnapped the true king and told the citizens that he was very ill. Then she declared herself queen.

Mario snuck into the palace disguised as a statue. Dodo was assigned to polish the statues, and Mario had to avoid getting pecked with his beak.

In the fight, Dodo took the middle character of the party to fight alone. He joins Valentina to fight the heroes once he gets beaten by the middle character, who rejoins the party. Both Valentina and Dodo were defeated and fell from Nimbus Land right into Booster's Tower.

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