Dog Father is the main antagonist of the point-and-click adventure game "Pink Panther's Passport To Peril" - he was an evil-minded anthropomorphic dog who planned on closing down a camp for gifted children in order to bulldoze the area and make a fast-food restaurant, he went as far as kidnapping the children and hiding them under the lake (in a large tank) while creating robots to pose as the children and sabotage the camp by programming the robots to "hate" the camp and turn it into a polluted wasteland.

However the Pink Panther was soon on the case and travelled the world to collect clues and stop the Dog Father - which he succeeded in doing despite attempts by the Dog Father's two incredibly inept henchmen to stop him, in the end the Dog Father and his minions were captrued by Pink Panther and likely went to prison afterwards.

Due to the game being largely educational and targetted at younger audiences Dog Father never engaged in direct combat with Pink Panther but he was portrayed as greedy, malevolent and willing to ruin his entire world for his own benefit.