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Dog Master Galf (in Japanese: 狗法眼ガルフ, Kuhōgan Garufu) is a minor antagonist in Fist of the North Star. He is a pointy-nosed bandit who rules Medicine City with an iron fist.

He was voiced by Tesshō Genda in the TV series, and Jōji Yanami in the 1986 film.


Dog Master Galf is first seen executing a villager who was trying to keep his child from being eaten by Galf's dogs. He values dogs more than humans.

While Mamiya is sneaking to Medicine City to procure a medicine for Rei, she spots a dog and strangles it with her yoyos. Galf is horrified by this and orders his gang set upon the woman fighter. Although Mamiya tries to get away, Galf throws one of his bladed rings to knock her down.

Galf then watches a villager being forced to toss bladed rings at the tied up Mamiya. When the villager misses on purpose, his face is sliced off. As Galf's goons throw the rings onto Mamiya, she tries to explain she wanted to exchange rations for medicine, but Galf doesn't buy it. His dog, Seki woofs that Mamiya needs to be sentenced to death.

The henchmen prepare to force Mamiya onto some spikes, but Kenshiro kicks one of the goons onto the spikes instead, saving Mamiya. Galf then sicks his dogs at the Hokuto Shinken master, but his glare forces the dogs to retreat. Galf then takes on Kenshiro using his bladed rings, but his opponent takes the rings and swings them at their own user, cutting Galf up pretty badly. Just as the bandit tries to pick up his rings, Kenshiro kicks him hard in the face several times.

Rei points out to Galf that Kenshiro used Hokuto Shinken and that he is already dead. The bandit calls out to Seki who urinates on his face. Galf then explodes realizing he dealt with Hokuto Shinken too late.

In the anime, Galf captures Mamiya in the medicine warehouse and almost has her eaten by his dogs. In addition before his death, Seki urinates on his hand instead.

Powers and Abilities

Galf is a bandit who uses bladed rings to cut enemies, or use them to break vital bones on the inside. He may also rely on his dogs.


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