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The Doge (in Japanese わんこ, wanko) is the main antagonist of the hit video game, Battle Cats. He is the cats' arch-rival. He has many counterparts such as Angel, Zombie, Metal, Alien, And Black also has a wall normal/zombie version. He Is the first Enemy you encounter in the game.



A Loving Shiba and battle cats rival trying to enter college this year very thoughtful and send's the cats a gift every year! One Day Doge picked up a flyer and found work as a part-time killer works very hard to get into prep school. Great-grandaddy of the Doge clan watches to make sure his descendants keep up their studies: Sleeping in class earns a bite from the old man! Doge's late father buried several years ago even the grave couldn't stop him from worrying over, his kids, grades only showing a report card can put him to rest.

A loveable doge genetically modified by invaders to be the perfect foot soldier! Always says "We Think" But its really selfish That's why he fights with his dorm-mates. A Doge who stole Who Stole wallcats schtick and turned himself into a wall didn't predict that other would use her to replace missing dominoes. An ancient hero of the Doge Army. Registered last year as an endangered species. The elder dead live a lonely life. Scholarly name: Canis Deadus Doornailus



  • Doge is based on the Internet meme Doge.