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But, Mom, won't Kion and the Lion Guard get mad and kick us out?
~ Dogo to Reirei.

Dogo is the son of Reirei and Goigoi, the brother of their other sons, and an antagonist in The Lion Guard.

He was voiced by Jacob Guenther.


Dogo was chased through the Outlands by Janja and his clan, but was saved in time by Kion and the Lion Guard. He thanks the Guard for saving him and uses his cuteness to convince them that he is good. He yips when they allow him to come with them back to the Pride Lands. Unaware to the Guard, this yipping was a signal for Dogo's scheming mother named Reirei to alert her of his success in gaining the Guard's trust (as the jackals wish to go into the Pride Lands).

After being brought into the Pride Lands, Kion tells Dogo to wait on a hillside. After the Guard have gone, Reirei, her husband Goigoi and their other sons arrive and join Dogo and plan to take advantage of the Pride Lands' day of peace Kupatana to feast. Dogo is later seen with his brothers invading Aardvark dens, before being spotted by the Guard. Reirei pleads with Kion to let her family stay in the Pride Lands as Dogo cannot stay on his own, to which a reluctant Kion agrees. During "Jackal Style", Dogo and his family steal food from other animals and are confronted by the Guard.

After Kion allows the jackal family to stay during Kupatana, Dogo and his family are later seen beginning their attack on the other animals. Bunga manages to grab hold of Dogo and declares that he doesn't find the pup cute anymore before throwing him away. Dogo and his family are then cornered by the Guard and the other Pride Lands animals, with Kion ordering the jackals to leave. After Reirei attempts to beg Kion for another chance, Simba, Kion's father and King of the Pride Lands, demands that the jackals obey his son and roars at them, resulting in Dogo and his family fleeing back to the Outlands.


Despite his fluffy exterior, Dogo is not a jackal to overlook. Raised by a sly, scheming, and manipulative mother named Reirei, Dogo uses his impressionable and innocent looks to his advantage, winning the trust of others in order to take advantage of them, and any shame he shows from doing so is an act, as he has been taught to do by his mother. However, he still has much to learn, as he can be seen taking instruction from his mother, who teaches him how to be a jackal.





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