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Well this really is unfortunate, me running into you that is.
~ Dohnaseek during his encounter with Issei

Dohnaseek is a secondary antagonist in the first season of High School DXD he is a Fallen Angel who allied himself with Raynare in her plot to steal Asia's sacred gear along with Kalawarner and Mittelt.

He was voiced by Taketora in the Japanese version, and by Jarrod Greene in the English dubbed version.


Dohnaseek appears as middle aged-looking man with short,slightly unkept black hair and dark blue eyes. Dohnaseek's outfit consists of a grey trenchcoat with a dark grey sash,a white dress shirt with white ascot,a pair of black gloves,black pants and shoes,and a black fedora with a dark grey stripe.

Like all fallen angels, Dohnaseek has a pair of black angel wings protruding from his back which enable him to fly.


Dohnaseek first appears after Issei's rebirth into a devil when he returns to the place where he was killed as a human by Raynare. Issei is remembering all the things that happened that day when he senses Dohnaseek behind him. Dohnaseek then tells Issei how unfortunate it is that he ran into him Issei then attempts to step back but his step back turns into a full on jump backwards. Issei then begins to run as Dohnaseek flies after him and eventually lands in front of him calling Issei a "coward" and a "lower class being", Dohnaseek then begins to make tactical observations about Issei such as how his "friends" and "master" are nowhere to be found and that he must be a stray devil. Dohnaseek then proceeds to draw his spear of light saying that killing Issei "won't be a problem" before proceeding to stab Issei through the stomach with his spear of light. Issei points out how much more it hurts than when Raynare stabbed him with one,Dohnaseek then points out that this is because of the fact that he is a devil now and weapons made from light are a deadly poison to devils as he prepares to kill Issei,however before he can do this Rias, Koneko, and Akeno intervene. Dohnaseek now outnumbered has no choice but to retreat but not before telling Rias that he hopes their paths don't cross again.

Dohnaseek later appears again alongside Kalawarner when they're called by Mittelt to help her fight Rias and Akeno when Issei and the others attempt to save Asia from Raynare. Dohnaseek then tells Rias about the ritual to get the sacred gear from Asia and tactically notices that Rias is only blocking attacks and not actually fighting back as he states it's "not very well thought out tool". Dohnaseek then states that no matter how strong Issei is he won't last against Raynare, then the 3 fallen angels proceed to insult Issei and taunt Rias which ultimately leads to their undoing as Rias unleashes her rage and her power of destruction killing him along with Mittelt and Kalawarner.


Looking for a way out?
~ Dohnaseek taunting Issei's cowardice
Such cowardice, I can't abide lower-class beings.
~ Dohnaseek expressing annoyance towards Issei
So lets see, It appears as though your friends and master are nowhere to be found. You show no signs of disappearing, nor any magic circles being deployed, Therefore I will assume you are nothing but a "stray",is that correct? And that would mean killing you won't be a problem.
~ Dohnaseek making tactical observations about Issei before drawing his spear of light
Hurts, doesn't it? Light is a deadly poison to your kind; it burns you from within, I thought I'd finished you off, but it seems you're quite the tough one. Don't worry though, I'll put you out of your misery shortly.
~ Dohnaseek after stabbing Issei before preparing to kill him
What did you just do, you little shit?! And what the hell is that?
~ Dohnaseek to Issei after Rias blocks his attack
I'll teach you not to meddle where you don't belong.
~ Dohnaseek preparing to fight Rias
~ Dohnaseek's annoyance towards Rias
That hair, You're from the house of Gremory.
~ Dohnaseek recognizing Rias as a member of the house of Gremory
Well well, who knew? This town is currently under the control of the next head of the great Gremory family. So he's a part of your household, I take it. (Rias:If you bring any harm to him you will get no mercy from me.) I apologize for the misunderstanding.Though it's unwise to let your servants run loose like this, the next time he's out for a stroll he might run into someone less cordial than myself.
~ Dohnaseek's observation about Rias being in control of the town as well as his warning to her
(Rias:I appreciate the friendly advice. Bear in mind that if anything like this happens again, I'll make you regret the day you crossed paths with the house of Gremory my friend.) No offense to your noble household, but you should bear in mind that the same thing could be said to you
~ Dohnaseek to Rias
My name is Dohnaseek, I pray that you and I never again cross paths
~ Dohnaseek introduces himself to Rias as he retreats


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