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Doji is a major antagonist in the Beyblade anime. He is the leader of the Dark Nebula Organization, a group who wants to use the dark power of Beyblades to control the world, and later becomes a servant of Pluto and the Nemesis Bladers.

He was voiced by Takehito Koyasu in Japanese, and both Juan Chioran and Andrew Jackson in English.


With brown hair (not counting the yellow streak) and red eyes, Doji's clothing depends on the season he is in. Originally, he dresses in a professional manner, having oval glasses, a purple suit, a red tie, and black shoes. Later on, however, his design changes. His hair becomes grey while one of his eyes, now scarred, is covered with his hair. Here, Doji also wears a gold monocle over his unscarred eye, a grey coat over a black shirt and a white cravat, and Doji needing the use of a cane.


Doji will do whatever it takes to rule the world, even if it means doing evil acts. He is very manipulative as well, shown when he convinces Bladers to join him. He also treats his minions porely once they fail him giving there power to Ldrago without any remourse.

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