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Commander Dolim is the secondary antagonist of the third season of Star Trek: Enterprise (originally known as Enterprise). He appears in eight episodes, including the season premiere and the last three episodes.

He was portrayed by Scott MacDonald, who also played Jack Frost in the horror comedy duology of the same name.


Dolim was the leader of the Xindi-Reptilians, one of the five Xindi species to survive the destruction of their home planet. He was a member of the ruling council along with representatives of the other species, the Humanoids or Primates, Arboreals, Aquatics and Insectoids. He was a firm believer in the superiority of his own race, and was rumored to have killed his own grandson when he was born with a crippled foot.

When the Sphere-Builders told the Xindi that humans would wipe them out in the future, Dolim was probably the most eager to launch a pre-emptive strike and destroy Earth and all humans. It was one of his regiment who piloted the prototype weapon that attacked Earth and killed millions.

Although Dolim continued to consult with the council on the construction of Degra's planet-destroying superweapon, he began carrying out schemes independent of the other Xindi, favoring the alternative of a biological weapon. He used the slave girl Raijin to gain information on human biology and, with the aid of the Sphere-Builders, sent a group of his men back in time to the early 21st century to try and create and release a virus there.

When Captain Archer was captured attempting to destroy the weapon, Dolim personally took charge of torturing and interrogating him. However, Archer would only speak to Degra and managed to expose much of Dolim's duplicity. Dolim tried to have Enterprise destroyed and was furious when the Humanoid and Arboreal representatives called off the attack and had Archer released.

Archer addressed the Xindi Council and tried to convince them that they had been fooled by the Sphere-Builders, who knew that it was actually humans and Xindis working together who foiled their attempt to reshape space to better suit their species. With the Humanoids and Arboreals voting to not use the weapon, Dolim voted with them but only to lure them into a false sense of security. He killed Degra, having learned he had destroyed a Reptilian ship that observed him meeting with Enterprise, and then, with the aid of the Insectoids, his closest allies on the council, he stole the weapon. Enterprise and the other Xindi races tried to stop him but their escape was aided by the Sphere-Builders. When the Insectoid leader began to wonder if Archer was right, Dolim casually destroyed his ship.

Dolim had captured Hoshi Sato, Enterprise's linguist, and his men tortured her into cracking the codes to prime the weapon, although she was later rescued by Major Hayes and his men from Enterprise. Dolim set a course for Earth with the weapon, pursued by Archer, a few of his crew and their new Xindi allies. On arriving in Earth's system, Dolim destroyed an unarmed research outpost, killing dozens of civilians and planned to destroy the weapon. However, his vessel came under attack from both the other Xindi ship and Shran's Andorian vessel which had arrived to assist. Dolim boarded the Xindi weapon to confront Archer, who had planted explosives to destroy it. During a struggle, Archer attached one of the explosives to Dolim's back and then detonated it, killing him.


  • Dolim's name was not revealed until "The Council", the season's antepenultimate episode, prior to which he was simply known as the Xindi-Reptilian. Prior to this, the novelization of his first appearance gave his name as Guruk. The later novel Last Full Measure gave his full name as Guruk Dolim.

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