You're worried about the little ones? Don't be! You see, I love them more than you could ever know. Anton Schott died when he was a little boy. When the monster took away his innocence! I'm not Anton. I am the Dollmaker! And I do everything in my power to help the little ones survive!
~ Schott to Robin

Anton Schott, known as the Dollmaker, is a minor villain in the 2015 animated movie Batman vs. Robin. He is voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic.


Anton was the son of Winslow Schott, a psychopatic killer, and became his father's primary victim. Eventually, he testified against his father and through his testimony, Winslow was imprisoned. Anton then took over his father's toy company. However, unbeknownst to the public he was deeply emotionally scarred due to the things his father did to him.

When children in Gotham go missing, Batman and Robin investigate. Robin finds out that each of the missing children had recently obtained a toy fabricated by Schott's company and drives there to find out whether there are any clues in the compound. Inside, Robin indeed finds the children, caged in a store room. He contacts Batman, but is then the door opens behind him. To his horror, Robin is facing Schott, who has kindnapped the children and even wears the skin of a doll over his face. Schott slowly approaches him, claiming that he would never hurt the children but that he helped them survive in a world as cruel as this. He then opens a secret door, revealing that he turned some of the abducted children into human dolls and turned them completely mad. The dolls attack Robin but eventually, Batman turns up and assists him. While Batman takes out the doll-children, Robin pursues the fleeing Dollmaker.

Schott flees through the frozen woods but is confronted by Robin. Schott tries to justify his actions, claiming that some children had to 'die' so that the others could live and that, while the children were weak, as dolls no one could ever hurt them again. Robin then defeats Dollmaker and threatens to kill him, however, remembering Batman's training, he can controll himself. Heavily breathing, Robin turns his back to the Dollmaker. Alerted by a sound, he turns around to see that Dollmaker is falling to the floor dead, his heart ripped out by a person wearing an owl mask. When Batman turns up, he sees Schott's corpse and immediately thinks that Robin was responsible. Upon closer research, however, he finds an owl feather in the Dollmaker's mouth.


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