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Dolmeck is the Lord of Darkness. The villain from New Cutey Honey, he is one of the only male villains Honey Kisaragi's rouges gallery. Like all of Honey Kisaragi's foes, he is attracted to women and seems to have had a relationship with Deathstar (though it might have been a one night thing). He is a tall strong man with sideburns and armor. It is not revealed if he is a Human, a Demon or a Robot.


He tells Mayor Light that he wants him to join his side but is turned down and leaves. He is usually seen with Black Maiden and Peeping Spider and fights Honey Kisaragi in New Cutey Honey OVA 4. He busts up Honey and is winning a bit but gets penetrated by Honey's long hard...sword. He releases souls for Panther Zora and Honey trys to seal him. He isn't seen after that and seems to have been wacked by either his wounds from Honey or his final act with the souls.