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I'm fast as a ninja! No one saw anything!
~ Dolph's quote in danish
You're all 100 percent assholes!
~ Dolph's famous catchphrase

Dolph is a character in the podcast TV shows Wullfworgenthaler and Dolph & Wulff. He is a psychotic, aggressive, egotistical, manipulative, opprobrious, hotheaded, and thoughtless blue hippopotamus who is basically both a Ninja and soldier.

He was portrayed by Jonas Schmidt.


Dolph often hangs out with Wulff who is basically the opposite of him (a calm nice guy). Wulff dislikes Dolph's violent and treacherous attitude which sometimes leads them to an argument. The typical plot is that Wulff tries to interview people and attempts to get on their good side while Dolph breaks in by beating them with his baseball club or just yelling at them.

Despite being an argumentative and tendentious psychopath, Dolph appears to care about Wulff, and deep down sees him as a friend. He always follows him wherever he is going, and gets jealous and possessive whenever he hangs out with someone else. 

Some scenes might actually show that Dolph is a good at heart person. He once apologized to Wulff for abusing him, and started being more friendly and compassionate with him for some time. However, it did not last long before he went back to his calamitous, destructive, and obstreperous ways.

Dolph often attacks Danish politicians, mostly verbally, but sometimes physically. Once, he tried to convince Joachim B. Olsen, to help him make Denmark a fascist dictatorship, but when Joachim told him, that he hated totalitarian governments, Dolph called him a communist, and attacked him. 


  • In the videogame Hitman: Blood Money, he appears on a french newspaper.
  • He also have a cameo in the 2019 animated film Mugge and The Street Party​. He was again portrayed by Jonas Schmidt.
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