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The Dolphin Queen is a recurring antagonist in Paradise P.D. She is a dolphin from the Paradise Zoo, who has been kidnapped by the Flipper People and used as a sex slave to produce more human/dolphin hybrids in Flipperville. Her new life has led her to become a libidinous nymphomaniac who rapes people. She first appeared in "Parent Trap", and returned in "Flip the Vote" as a member of the Legion of Dooooom.


The dolphin queen was first mentioned in "Ass on the Line", when Randall Crawford detailed that many years ago, some hillbillies broke into the Paradise Zoo and had sex with one of the dolphins. These hillbillies impregnated the dolphin, causing her to give birth to half human, half dolphin hybrids, known as flipper people, which became a massive subspecies of humans that populated the city, only to quickly be banned to the sewers below, taking their dolphin queen with them.

In "Parent Trap", the dolphin queen was shown to live in a giant fish tank down in the sewers of Flipperville. There, she was treated like somewhat of a queen among the flipper people. It was explained in this episode that due to only flipper people living with the dolphin queen, in order for the species to continue reproducing, some of the dolphin queen own children had to have sex with her, creating an inbred subspecies of flipper people, such as Jerry Flipperfist, who were three-fourths dolphin and only one-fourth human, and inbred to boot. In order to stop the inbreeding, the dolphin queen required another full human to have sex with her and forced Kevin to be this full human. Fortunately for Kevin, he escaped before anything could happen.

In "Flip the Vote", the flipper people forced Gerald Fitzgerald to have sex with their dolphin queen but this time, Fitz couldn't escape because he needed to consummate his love with her in order to give her many children green cards. Fitz took her on many dates to romance her and when he did, the dolphin queen would constantly force herself on him by sticking her tongue up his nose and out his ear. On one of their dates, she even murdered a bunch of kids, when sliding down a water slide and crushing them. In the end, Fitz and the dolphin queen got legally and officially married and the dolphin queen raped Fitz.

At the end of the episode, Fitz went to check on Randall, who was imprisoned in Robby and Delbert's home after being placed under crackhouse arrest. During his visit, the dolphin queen called him and antagonized him, suspecting that he was cheating on her with another dolphin.

In "Operation DD", the Dolphin Queen's tank was relocated to the inside of Fitz's Lair, making her an official part of the Legion of Dooooom.

In "Fallout", the Dolphin Queen announced to Fitz that she was pregnant. They prepared for their upcoming baby, but when the baby was born, (who they named "Gerald Fitzgerald, Jr.") he turned out to look very similar to Bullet. A flashback revealed that Dolphin Queen had previously had an affair with Bullet and got pregnant with his child. Despite knowing this, Dolphin Queen omitted this from her conversations with Fitz and let him believe her son was his.

In "The World According to LARP", Agent Clappers discovered the Dolphin Queen's affair and blackmailed her, saying that he would tell Fitz that Junior isn't really his, unless she signed a forged "Dear John" letter and left him. Dolphin Queen had to make a tough decision but in the end, she tearfully signed the letter with her finprint and left. It is unknown where she went off to, but she left her heartbroken husband and helpless son alone.





  • Due to one of her children (Edna Dorsaldigits) being a senior citizen, it can be implied that the dolphin queen is in her mid-50's as she would have had to be alive, when Edna was born and the bottlenose dolphin reaches the age of fertility as the age of 5.
  • Despite bottlenose dolphin pregnancies lasting an entire year, Dolphin Queen was only pregnant with Junior for (at most) three months before he was born.


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