Dolphy (in Japanese: ドルフィ, Dorufi) and Zenda (in Japanese: ゼンダ, Zenda) are the anime-exclusive main antagonists of the 91st episode in Fist of the North Star.

Dolphy was voiced by Ikuya Sawaki, and Zenda was voiced by Ryōichi Tanaka.


At first glance, Dolphy orders Ken-Oh's soldiers working in the village that he has been controlling to not use violence. He says the villagers need to be treated properly and would also know if there are complaints or issues. Zenda then blackmails the elder with his metal claw that if there are problems, he'll be killed.

When Kenshiro and his party arrive in Dolphy's village, he finds out they drank from a spring of water meant for Ken-Oh. Dolphy demands the punishment be death and Zenda makes the villagers agree, all but the elder. The elder explains that Kenshiro and his group just wanted water, but Dolphy reminds him he could betray Ken-Oh at any time. As Zenda cuts the elder, the latter states he would rather die than support callous monsters like Dolphy and Zenda.

Hearing that, Dolphy orders his henchmen to kill the villagers, but Kenshiro defeats them. Seeing how they died from Hokuto Shinken, Dolphy unveils his Taizan Kokuei Ken style by ripping his shirt and collar, increasing his muscle mass. As the two take their stances, Zenda shows another part of Taizan Kokuei Ken, reflecting the sun light on his claw towards Kenshiro's eyes, allowing Dolphy an easy advantage.

Fudo finds out Zenda's location and throws him down to Kenshiro. Kenshiro then kicks Zenda in the back knocking him out. Before Dolphy can retaliate with a hammer, Kenshiro choke holds him. He then asks Zenda if he can execute the tyrant.

By the time Zenda gets up, his right arm suddenly raises by itself making him "agree". Kenshiro then hits a power point on Dolphy's head, making it bulge. Before Dolphy can take his anger out on his partner-in-crime, both of them explode violently at once.

Powers and Abilities

Dolphy and Zenda use Taizan Kokuei Ken, with the former using physical strength, and the latter can use his claw to not only slice enemies, but also reflect sunlight to disorient foes who are fighting Dolphy.


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