The Domestic Servant Robot (known in Japan as Home Helper Robo) is a mechanical Demon Beast that was downloaded from Nightmare Enterprises by King Dedede in the episode "Pink-Collar Blues" of the Kirby: Right Back At Ya! anime to do the chores in his castle instead of the Waddle Dees. At first, it appeared to be loyal to Dedede, but he and Escargoon later found out that it was stealing treasures from the castle to pay off Dedede's huge dept to NME. When Dedede and Escargoon catch it in the act of uploading some of Escargoon's jewelry to NME, it attacks them, but they are saved by Waddle Doo and the Waddle Dees. The Waddle Dees are unable to defeat the Robot, but luckily, Kirby inhales a rock and gets the Stone Ability. The Waddle Dees then partly disassemble the Robot, and Kirby finishes it off with a jump on it's head in his stone form.

Abilities and Physical Appearance

The Domestic Servant Robot is built to do chores quickly and efficiently, but it can also fire a laser beam from it's right eye. The Domestic Servant Robot somewhat resembles a robotic version of Blocky's appearance in the Kirby games. It has treads in place of feet and purple, round eyes. It´s right eye is similar to a camera, and can shoot lasers. It´s left eye has a rectangular, gray eyebrow over it. It has a small mechanical door on it's face from which it can take out things that it's clients want. It's arms have three red fingers on them, and it has a hatch on top of it that that can open up. The Robot, as it's name suggests, was built to be a domestic servant, but it was secretly also build to steal money from it's customers to pay off their debts to Nightmare Enterprises.

The Domestic Servant Robot can also change into a mode that is better suited for battle, where it grows grows much larger, it's treads are moved to it´s back, and it grows legs with red "shoes". It gets more flexible metal coil-like arms, and it grow red shoulder pads. A small dome with a purple eye on the front appears on top of it. This proves that the Domestic Servant Robot was also build for combat.

The Domestic Servant Robot is one of the few Demon Beasts that are shown to be capable of speech, as it says "TRANSFORM!" when it changes into battle mode. However, it only says it in the original Japanese version.

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