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My name is Dominic, sir, I'm calling to ask out your stepdaughter
~ Dominic to Myron.

Dominic is the primary antagonist of the story "Gumdrop Angel" from the Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights anthology novel series.


Angel is forced to go to her spoiled stepsister's party at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. After Ophelia, Angel's stepsister, accidentally spills pizza sauce on Angel, she gets angry, but Dominic, an assistant manager, helps wipe the stain. After a quick talk, Dominic is called back to work while Angel finds him cute. Later on, the employees unleash the Birthday Gummy; A statue resembling a girl which is entirely made of candy. All the kids at the party eat the Birthday Gummy, with Ophelia getting the gumdrop nose.

Later on in the story, Angel's stepfather, Myron, doesn't allow Angel to call Dominic. The two have a fight, and in a fit of anger, Angel eats Ophelia's gumdrop nose. Angel wakes up hours later, she looks in the mirror and sees that her skin was mottled bright red and pale white, alongside having a weird, squishy structure. Angel originally thinks that the water Dominic sprayed on her might have been toxic, but nothing helps. Angel eventually realises that it was the gumdrop nose that she ate which caused her to turn into this. She calls Dominic, who, starting to cry, tells her to go to Freddy's.

Inside Freddy's, Dominic leads her to a room with a box, and Angel goes inside it, eventually starting to sleep. Once Angel wakes up, she's still in the box, in a standing position, and is lowered down. Now being the new Birthday Gummy, the kids eat Angel.


Dominic on the surface seems a gentle and caring guy, with a general positive and extrovert attitude, even in the face of difficulties. However, the story's ending seems to paint a more ambigous and sinister look on his character, since he willingly and knowingly lets Angel to her demise. Despite that, his affection towards Angel was likely genuine, as shown by him crying after putting her in the box, and it's been theorized by fans that someone, likely a Fazbear Entertainment higher-up, was pressuring him into doing what he ended up doing.


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