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Domino is the secondary antagonist of the 2000 Pokémon special Mewtwo Returns. She is a member of Team Rocket and a close right-hand of Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket.

She has blonde hair, purple eyes, and wears a white hat. She has a few nicknames like Agent 009 or "The Black Tulip!". This last nickname is because she owns a black tulip, which she uses as a weapon that can explode or electrocute.

She was voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi in Japanese and Kerry Williams in English.


Domino first appeared in a cabin in Mount Quena, where she posed as a naturalist working for a Pokémon Institute before meeting up with Ash and his friends. However, it wasn't until Giovanni sends over his combat unit to capture Mewtwo and his clone Pokémon as part of Giovanni's plan to create a new base at the mountain to raise an army of strong Pokémon to rule the world. At that time, Domino reveals herself to be in league with Team Rocket, as she helps trap Ash and his friends as prisoners while Giovanni plans to utilize Mewtwo's power for his plot. Domino also puts Jessie and James to work as janitors at the new base, as she considers them to be an embarrassment to the organization.

Despite her arrogance, Domino finds it outrageous to see that Giovanni is putting Mewtwo through painful torture, though she did nothing to stop it due to Giovanni's power over her. However, a swarm of Bug Pokémon manage to sabotage the base, causing Domino to slip in wet floor (much to Jessie and James' amusement). This allows Ash and his friends to release Mewtwo and the clone Pokémon, but Giovanni gets Domino and his forces to surround the heroes. However, being cured after thrown into a spring, Mewtwo uses his powers to transport himself, the heroes, the Pokémon, and the spring underground to prevent Giovanni and his forces from finding them.

With the Pokémon safe, Mewtwo unleashes a swarm of Butterfrees to erase all the memories of Team Rocket's knowledge of Mewtwo (except for Jessie, James and Meowth, as they helped out the heroes and agreed to keep it a secret). With her memory erased, a confused Domino suggests to Giovanni that they should withdraw forces at once before anyone else finds out. Despite a strange feeling, Giovanni agrees, accepting he and Team Rocket have finally lost.


  • Domino may be named after Domino Harvey, a female bounty hunter.
  • Domino's nickname of the "Black Tulip" may be a reference to the book of the same name by Alexandre Dumas.


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