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Don Archibald Yates is the main antagonist of the Hitman 3 mission "The Farewell".


Don Archibald Yates was born the son of real estate mogul Archibald Yates and business executive Helena Yates (née Castro). He and his young brother Zachary grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

From an early age, young Don was destined for greatness, reaching the top of his class and getting elected student body president by a landslide. Originally dreaming of becoming President of the United States, Don found his true home in the courtroom after serving an internship with the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

Don founded Morgan, Yates & Kohn with his two dear friends, the dapper English gentleman Ken Morgan and the shy, analytical Theodore Kohn. Their efficient ruthlessness and complete lack of moral core struck gold and they had become the most powerful law firm on the East Coast. Among their achievements were the successful defences of socialite Chelsea Whitmore, the Milton-Fitzpatrick Bank, Kronstadt Industries and the Van Orten Tobacco Company.

Early in the 2000s, Don married Valentina Morales, an Argentinian diplomat whose brilliance and ruthlessness were only matched by Don. In 2016, Valentina resigned in disgrace after a political scandal, which was unknown to her caused by her husband and she and her loving husband retired to her ancestral vineyard, Viñedo Yates. The Yateses' hopes for a peaceful retirement was interrupted by a series of unfortunate events.

After Morgan was assassinated in Bangkok alongside his former client, murderous rockstar Jordan Cross, a war began between Providence, a vast corporate conspiracy controlling the world, and the mysterious Lucas Grey and his Private Militia. Caught between it was the International Contract Agency (ICA) and their foremost hitman Agent 47. After a few initial conflicts with Providence, the ICA agreed to work on behalf of them, assassinating Grey's militia members. However, revealing their past as brothers in a cloning project, Grey convinced 47 and Diana to betray the ICA and Providence. Not long after, Providence's leaders, the Partners, were killed. Grey was killed soon after as well, and the ICA was brought down after a data leak orchestrated by 47.

The Partners' treacherous second-in-command, or "Constant", Arthur Edwards, approached Yates, having orchestrated his bosses' deaths. As he assumed his new role as Providence's sole leader, he offered Yates the position of Constant. Yates leaped at the opportunity, but to his great dismay, he discovered that Agent 47's rogue handler, Diana Burnwood, was also in consideration.

Yates hosted his retirement party at Viñedo Yates and set up a meeting with Burnwood, hoping to covertly murder her and blame it on 47. However, 47 soon arrived and murdered him alongside Tamara Vidal. It is possible that 47 could make his wife killed him revenge for ruining her career by exposing his involvement in the political scandal.


From a young age, Don "Cojones" Yates was an eloquent, intelligent and charismatic young man who could gain control of any situation. A powerful and intimidating presence

Beneath the his sophisticated posture and throw-the-arm-around-the-shoulder warmth and amiability, however, is his gleeful willingness to disregard any moral code to get what he wants.

Yet, Yates can genuinely form connections with others. He does truly love his wife Valentina, as well as his late friend Ken Morgan.


  • Some players have drawn comparisons between Yates and former US President Donald Trump, both men being New Yorkers with a background in real estate, political ambitions, the name Don and a wife of foreign descent.
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