Don Corneo is a villain who appears in Final Fantasy VII, he is based somewhat loosely on a mafia-style gangster of old with a heavy dose of extravagant villain added to the flair - when first encountered he was already known for his habit of selecting beautiful women in order to please himself (those he did not like he allowed his henchmen to have instead): he was also involved in the suppression of the rebels fighting against Shinra.


Don Corneo is a lonely, perverted man looking for love. During Cloud and Aeris's visit to the Wall Market, they discover Tifa has gone into Don's mansion, and decide to rescue her. What they do not know is that Tifa entered on her own accord, trying to get answers out of Corneo about Shinra.

Cloud's attempt to enter the building is blocked due to Don's rule of "no males allowed" (apart from his underlings). Cloud and Aeris devise a plan that involves Cloud dressing up as a girl to enter the palace. They threaten Corneo (by saying they will "chop them off", "rip them off", and/or "smash them") to make him reveal his connection to Shinra and their plans. Don releases a trap door and the party falls down into the sewers.

Don was hired by Shinra to reside in the slums and collect information about AVALANCHE. After he reveals Shinra's plan to destroy Sector 7, Don Corneo flees Midgar to Wutai with the Turks in hot pursuit with intentions to silence him for spilling the beans to Shinra's Sector 7 plot. He hides until his lust drives him to kidnap Elena (of the Turks) and Yuffie, taking them to the statue of the god Da Chao, where he ponders whom he desires the most. He is confronted by Cloud's party and summons his new pet, Rapps. The party defeats Rapps, and, not wanting to accept defeat, he turns Elena and Yuffie upside-down and threatens to let them fall. Reno of the Turks arrives and Rude shoots the Don with a silenced pistol, who is left hanging on the edge of the precipice. Reno approaches Don and he asks him a question and after he gets the wrong answer (all answers are wrong), Reno steps on his fingers, making him lose his grip, and he plummets off Da Chao.

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