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Pop quiz time, kiddo! Villains like us only divulge our evil plans... in a certain situation. But what is that situation, hm?
~ Don Corneo

Don Corneo is a supporting antagonist from Final Fantasy VII Remake. He is the a mafia crime lord and the ruler of Wall Market. He enjoys selecting women as nightly "brides".

He was voiced by Yohei Tadano in Japanese and Fred Tatasciore in English.


Don Corneo is mostly bald except for one medium portion of hair and is morbidly obese. He dresses in a white shirt, white shoes, brown pants, a red coat and a medallion.


Chapter 9

When Cloud and Aerith witness a Chocobo-pulled carriage with Tifa riding in it, they follow it with Cloud grabbing it and asking her what was going on, she asks Cloud to be quiet and she will explain everything later as she is going to see Don Corneo and asks him to head back to Seventh Heaven with the gang, assuring Cloud as he let's go that she will be fine.

Aerith does not agree with this as Cloud does not know about Don Corneo who will find a way to turn the situation in his favor regardless of one's brains or brawns. What is more, Tifa is heading to Corneo's goon-filled mansion and he should help her (Tifa).

When they meet Sam, they learn that Tifa, who has entered the Mrs. Corneo auction, might not leave the mansion at all thanks to what kind of preference the Don has.

After finishing a series of tasks in town, including participating in a rule-less series of fights at Corneo Colosseum with an additional fight with the Hell House, an opponent the Don chose, Aerith and Cloud arrive in the disguises they've earned and enter the mansion with the latter realizing that the area might be more dangerous than they realized.

Upon entering one of the rooms, they get sprayed with gas and they get caught by Corneo's goons. When Cloud wakes up, he is greeted by Tifa. Tifa explains some men of Corneo's were asking various questions about Avalanche and sought to ask the don himself and she felt wrong to have Aerith along.

When they meet Don Corneo, he makes some creepy gestures while pondering who to pick. Cloud calls him pathetic and gets chosen by him while Tifa and Aerith get taken by his goons.

When looking upon Cloud, he calls Cloud a kitten who should not be shy and give him sugar. While Cloud had to endure the irritation, Aerith and Tifa decide to deal with the four goons when Leslie arrives to deliver the girls their gear from Andrea and asks them to do what they can while they save Cloud.

After having enough of the Don, Cloud proceeds to whoop Don's rear end when the girls arrive. Tifa asks him why he had men ask about Avalanche in Sector 7 with Cloud threatening to cut him with his Buster Sword. Don Corneo reveals he was hired to find Barret Wallace. When Aerith threatens to rip part of him off, Don confesses he was hired by Heidegger to do it. When Tifa threatens him with a smash, it is revealed that Shinra planned to crush them after the destruction of two of their reactors by destroying the support pillar for Sector 7 and its plate crashing down on the town beneath it.

When they try to leave, Don stops them with another question: what their situation is. After the question, he drops them down a trap door and cracks up.

At the bottom, they are confronted by the monster named Abzu and fight back against it and drive it off. They then proceed to enter the tunnel it opened to try and stop Sector 7's destruction.

Chapter 14

When Cloud, Barret, and Tifa set off to save Aerith from Shinra, Tifa suggests that Corneo might know a way up to the Shinra Headquarters. Tifa does express concern about confronting Corneo a second time, but Cloud considers no other choice.

Barret realizes that they've had a run-in with him while tracking him down, but both Cloud and Tifa do not want to talk about it. As Cloud heads to the mansion, he hears about Corneo being missing and when he investigates, he is greeted by Leslie who asks why he returned.

Tifa explained that they needed to get to the top as fast as they could and Corneo might know one. Leslie has them follow him to another part of the mansion where they see a hole with a ladder.

Leslie explains he had unfinished business and offers to help get them topside if they lend a hand. The hole is Corneo's "hidey-hole" with Cloud deciding to help. After they climb down, but with Cloud noting that no one got out alive which was the case until recently, they fight through the monsters as they track down Don Corneo.

When they get to a warehouse-like area in the sewer, Leslie asks them to find Corneo's mark as it's where they will find his hideout as he does not want a horrible deed the fat man did to happen again.

When they get close, Leslie takes the lead as they are hot on the hideout. When they get to a steel door, Leslie does not think they are done yet and is not so simple when a monster steals the key to the door, leading to them chasing it until they kill it and find it was not a key, but his fiancé's pendant.

Six months ago, Don Corneo chose her as a bride when she disappeared. He came to this area in the name of revenge on her demise. Barret was happy to trace Don down to beat him to a pulp. When they reach another steel door, he asks them to wait outside. When the trio follows Leslie, they confront Don Corneo who is now on Shinra's "Shitlist" thanks to some spilled beans to Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith.

The collapsing plate was supposed to be a tragedy that killed countless lives, but was ruined by the evacuation of many people and reveals that Shinra intends to abandon Midgar and build close to paradise and Don Corneo was invited to become the don of a new and improved Wall Market.

Don Corneo finds it lucky if he lasts another week and was going to let Leslie run his own place as part of the action, but considers this a shame as villains like him (Don Corneo) only like to divulge their plans in certain situations.

Corneo was about to shoot Leslie when Cloud threatens him at sword point and Barret disarms him and demands him to talk more about Sector 7 and was not willing to fall for his tricks, but summons Abzu when Barret was distracted in order to get away.

After Abzu is defeated, Leslie considered tracking Corneo down before Tifa and Barret tell him not to give up on his fiancé and should find her first.


  • While still a minor antagonist, Don Corneo proves himself worse than his original counterpart.
  • Unlike the original version, Corneo only chooses Cloud as his bride whereas in the original game, he has a chance of not choosing Cloud.

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