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Don Karnage is a recurring antagonist of the DuckTales reboot series. He serves as a minor antagonist in Seasons 1 and 2, and a supporting antagonist in Season 3.

Just like his original, he's the leader of his bandit crew "The Air Pirates" and he is also the arch-enemy of Dewey Duck.

He was voiced by Jaime Camil.


Don Karnage is a narcissistic, arrogant, flamboyant, and cunning, yet immature and childish pirate who loves to steal treasure but he loves to be the center of attention more. Often times he tends to lash out on even the most minimal of problems during his crew's singing performance, even to the point of willingly throwing one of them out of their plane. Though to be fair, his crew is mostly incompetent and Karnage is usually the one quick to point out whenever something goes wrong.


He wears a blue captain's coat with red and gold accents, light blue pants, and black boots. He carries a sword (presumably a cutlass) alongside him.


Don Karnage appears in the episode "Sky the Sky!", where he and the Air Pirates launch a raid on the Sunchaser. While Scrooge, Webby and Huey, Dewey and Louie prepare for battle, Karnage and his pirates distract them with a song and dance number whilst robbing them blind, and then escape afterwards. Back in the Iron Vulture, Karnage berates his pirates for making him look bad with their poor performance, and ends up discovering Dewey, who stowed away to regain his hat. Karnage has Dewey restrained and leaves to prepare a dramatic punishment for him, and, while he is gone, Dewey ends up befriending the pirates and turns them against him. After being thrown out of the Iron Vulture, Karnage swears to get revenge on Dewey, and notices the crashed Sunchaser nearby. Poorly disguising himself as a botanist named "Tom Karnage", he attempts to convince Scrooge and the others that the pirates stole his research and they must help him get it back, and, although everyone realizes he is Don Karnage in disguise, they allow him to join them as he could lead them to the pirates.

As they are trying to find the Iron Vulture, Karnage and the others are abducted by the pirates and Dewey, who has become their new captain, although the pirates soon turn on him too when he both orders the treasure to be returned and begins acting like Karnage. The pirates prepare to throw the group overboard, and Karnage reveals himself, stating that he only pushes his crew because he feels they can do better, regaining his captain status while Dewey reconciles with his friends. Following this, Karnage tries to dispose of Dewey and the others but ends up fighting the former instead. The other triplets and Webby then misdirect Karnage by all pretending to be Dewey while stealing the treasure back, and escape by triggering the pirates to sing, much to Karnage's frustration. With no one steering the Iron Vulture, it crashes into the side of a mountain, and Karnage curses Dewey for his actions.

Don Karnage is confirmed in the episode "GlomTales" where he teams up with Flintheart Glomgold, Ma Beagle and her Beagle Boys, Mark Beaks, and Magica De Spell to exact their revenge against Clan McDuck, where he in particular wishes to exact revenge against Dewey Duck.

He later reappeared in the episode "The Lost Cargo of Kit Cloudkicker!", where followed Kit Cloudkicker, Dewey and Della Duck searching for the Stone of What Was.

He appears in "The Last Adventure!", Where he is seen with F.O.W.L. (in place of Gandra Dee) watching Clan McDuck as the events unfold from their hidden base beneath the party. Don Karnage is sent by Bradford on picking up May and June, as they go on the plane after taking "Webby" hostage, as Huey sneaks aboard it just before it takes off. On the ship, it is revealed that Webby managed to overpower June and switched clothes with her. Don Karnage then takes them to the Library of Isabella Finch which has been converted into a F.O.W.L. headquarters.

As Steelbeak battles Launchpad, Darkwing Duck, and Gizmoduck, He calls Don Karnage by telling him that there are children on the plane after hearing Launchpad saying about the children. Pursued by him, Dewey decides to take his own approach and engages the Sky Pirate in a game of chicken, scaring him into turning but causing both their planes to crash land after the engines are disabled.

It is unknown if Don Karnage survived the crash or not.


  • When asked about Karnage's nationality, Jim Cummings said: "He's got some Cuban and some Spanish and a little Ricky Ricardo". He also later in the same interview stated Karnage also has a little French in him.


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