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Don Logan

Don Logan

I won't let you be happy! Why should I?
~ Don Logan.

Don Logan is the main antagonist in the 2000 film Sexy Beast.

He was portrayed by Ben Kingsley, who also portrayed Nizam in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Tim and Archibald Snatcher in The Boxtrolls.


Don Logan is a recruiter for the London underworld who once worked with ex-con artist and expert safe-cracker Gary Dove, who is now retired and happily living in Spain with his wife Deedee, his close friend Aitch and Aitch's wife Jackie. Logan is a stubborn, violent and scarily unpredictable sociopath who uses any means necessary to get what he wants, instilling intense fear in almost everyone he comes in contact with.

Logan travels to Dove's villa with the intention of enlisting him in a major London bank heist, but Dove politely refuses the invitation. Logan becomes aggravated by this and continues to pester Logan into accepting, gradually making Dove and his company extremely uncomfortable. During his time at the villa, Logan also reveals that he has always been fascinated by Jackie and attempts to get close to her on several occasions, to no avail. After several more unsuccessful attempts to get Dove to join the heist, Logan loses his temper and shouts abuse at the entire group, claiming that they have betrayed him. An angered Logan then gets on a plane back to London (much to Dove's relief) but ends up being kicked off after refusing to put out his cigarette.

Logan immediately returns to Dove's villa and expresses his fury and frustration to the group by smashing a beer bottle into Dove's ear. Deedee shoots him with a shotgun and leaves him incapacitated, allowing the rest of the group to beat him and stamp on him. Close to death, Logan spitefully tells Aitch that he and Jackie once slept together, before Aitch picks up a heavy rock and smashes it on Logan's head, crushing his skull and killing him. It is later revealed that the group bury Logan's corpse beneath Dove's swimming pool.


  • Critics have praised Ben Kingsley's performance as Don Logan, acclaiming that his performance feels frightening enough to permanently vanish all thoughts of Ghandi from people's mind.
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