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Don Vizioso is a recurring antagonist in the 2012 Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, a TV adaptation of the 1984 adult comics of the same name. He serves as a minor antagonist in Season 3, the main antagonist of the Season 4 episode "Mutant Gangland" and the central antagonist of the Season 5 episode "Heart of Evil".

He is a crime lord of Italian descent who is the don of his own mafia based on New York and is one of the most powerful criminal empires in the city, only behind the Foot Clan and habours xenophobia against mutants while he seeks to take control of New York City. He is also considered to be Donatello's arch-nemesis.

He was voiced by Brian Bloom.


Casey Jones vs. the Underworld

The don makes his debut as the Shredder, leader of the Foot Clan, enters his base in order to make a deal with him while the Don eats. Shredder explains on how through the help of his minions Xever Montes, Ivan Sterenko and his partner Hun, he has acquired every South American, Russian and Asian gang in New York, as he tells that thanks to the Invasion by Kraang Prime, the power of New York's underbelly has shifted to Shredder, to which the Don knows exactly what he is talking and stares at him, so Shredder slices off his candles and a meatball to prove his point while everyone else draws weapons to prepare attacking each other. The Don however gives control of the mafia over to the Shredder to save his skin.

Meet Mondo Gecko

Don Vizioso is seen as a member of the audience of Fishface's (who is Xever) race, "Mr. X's X-treme Skate to the Death Death-a-thon 5000", who is seen happilly cheering while sitting back and watching the race that is going to start.

Mutant Gangland

After the Triceraton Invasion ordered by Emperor Zanmoran and lead by Captain Mozar was thwarted and Shredder's attempt to backstab Splinter before he can even save the world from destruction failed so badly he beat him down to the point of needing mutagenic life support to regain his strength, he and his forces have left New York, to which the Don uses as an opportunity to rise back in power as he builds mutant-hunting weapons to wipe out all mutants in New York and taking control over the city, building a new exosuit for one of his men, the Hammer, filled with these weapons. So in order to draw out some mutants, Don Vizioso has his men rob a bank which brought in Donatello, Raphael and Mondo Gecko, capturing the Donnie and Mondo while having Raph beaten to near death.

Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Slash, Dr. Rockwell and Leatherhead enter his restaurant in order to make a truce with Vizioso, to which Leo threatens if he doesn't leave the city peacefully, they will make him, to which Vizioso makes fun that he knows his name, to which Leo threatens there are mutants for him to handle, even with his weapons, to which the don claims it is the point that he explains he plans on wiping out every mutant in the city to regain power. The don then receives news on that Raph is down and Donnie and Mondo are in his other hideout to be vivisected, to which in order for him to escape, he has the Hammer provoke Leatherhead to rage and cause a battle while he uses his powered jetpack wheelchair to escape to his other hideout in an old hotel somewhere else in the city, where he has Donnie and Mondo tied up to wait for Dr. Ferral to vivisect them. He and the Fulci twins hear the Mighty Mutanimals ambushing his guards, to which he has the Hammer, armed in a mechanical exosuit fitted with anti-mutant weapons to attack them. But it was all a decoy for the Turtles to infiltrate the Hotel. Leo, Donnie and Mickey best the Fulci twins and the Don is now at their mercy, he back off nervously before Donnie uses his staff's blade to mess with the Don's mechanical chair's controls, making it speed through the wall, sending him flying to a distance.

Heart of Evil

Following the Shredder's death, the Don got power over his turf back and now is the big man of the New York City underworld, while taking Shredder's heart as a possession and keeps it on his table. His henchmen are disgusted on how he is able to eat with the heart right next to him with the Hammer even asking to move the Heart and bring in some lamb chops. Viszioso, angered, tells how some cultures eat the heart of their enemies to consume their power. With him getting full power of New York City, he has all enemies, especially the Turtles, to be eliminated. As he continues eating later, he plays with the Heart, to which a cloaked Bebop tries stealing the Heart but moved one of his pork chops instead, leading to Rocksteady to charge in shooting at the goons, and Leo & Donnie coming in to try stealing the Heart also, leading to a fight. However, Vizioso claims the Heart and shoots gas at them using his chair's revolver, leading to the mutants to retreat.

The don then hides in the Hignight Hotel he uses as his hideout, panicking across the room as he waits for his fake passports to leave the country with the heart. The don then calms down by stating he may just wait for all of this to blow over. When the battle between Kavaxas, Raphael, April and Karai happens and told to by Vic, Vzioso panics even more and asks for another calzone and antacid due to being more stressed. Leo and DOnnie then come in to claim the Heart and defeat the Fulci twins, to which Donnie then grabs the Don from his chair and pins him to the wall, pulling the blade of Bo Staff out with intents to kill him with it, however, with Leo's advice, Donnie realizes he is going too far and decides he will spare him and telling they will take the heart and put him in jail. Kavaxas then blasts through the room and he and Tiger Claw claim the heart, blasting Leo and Donnie out. The Don and the Fulci twins were now left to be arrested by the police


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