Donald Groves

Donald Groves is an inmate in the HBO TV Series Oz. He was portrayed by the late Sean Whitesell, one of the producers and writers of the show.


Prisoner number 97G414, Donald Groves. Convicted July 3, '97 - Two counts of murder in the first degree. Sentence: Life imprisonment...

Donald Groves is a cannibalistic inmate, sentenced to life in prison for murdering both of his parents. After the murder, he devoured his mother and had his father in a freezer for Thanksgiving. Despite committing such a heinous crime, Groves was one of the more comedic characters in the series, along with Agamemnon Busmalis and is constantly seen in trouble because of his cannibalistic tendencies.

He is also one of the most feared inmates in Oz and is avoided by many despite having an affable and harmless exterior.

Season 1

Groves arrives in Oz and is transferred to Em City along with Tobias Beecher and Miguel Alvarez despite Warden Leo Glynn's objections. He is sponsored by fellow inmate Bob Rebadow, whom he soon becomes friends with. Groves works in the prison infirmary where he secretly tastes blood samples. Groves was in the hole when Dino Ortolani was murdered and noticed that he didn't scream despite being set on fire.

Groves is greatly influenced by Kareem Said's protests in the cafeteria and decides to please him by murdering Warden Glynn. The attempted murder fails and Groves accidentally ends up killing CO Lawrence Smith. He is then sentenced to death and transferred to Death Row.

While on Death Row, Groves explains to Glynn that his murder attempt was nothing personal and was something that had to be done. He also chooses to be executed by firing squad, considering himself an assassin. Later, Smith's mother visits Groves and forgives his crimes which deeply affects him. Before being executed, Groves wishes his last words to be recorded and sent to Smith's mother but due to disturbance of the radio signals, none of the men present hear what Groves' last words were.

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