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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Donald Pierce from the X-Men film series. The mainstream version can be found here: Donald Pierce.
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Villain Overview

As I live and breathe. The Wolverine! And he's a junkie now.
~ Donald Pierce's most infamous quote as he meets Wolverine.
See, you are not the only one that's been enhanced.
~ Donald Pierce confronting Logan while displaying his cybernetic hand.
I need the girl.
~ Donald Pierce to Logan.

Donald Pierce is the central antagonist of the 2017 Marvel film Logan, the tenth installment of the X-Men film series.

He is the field commander of the Reavers as well as the right-hand man of their leader Dr. Zander Rice, aiding the latter in their attempt to capture the escaped test subjects of the Transigen Project - including X-23. He is based on the character from Marvel Comics.

He was portrayed by Boyd Holbrook.


Meeting Logan

"I'm a fan, by the way!".
~ Donald Pierce first time with Logan.

Donald Pierce first appeared when he annd the other Reavers were sent by Dr. Zander Rice to recapture Laura Kinney, aka X-23. He first meets Logan when he gets into his limo and introduces himself. Later on Pierce arranges with Logan a meeting near the borderline with Mexico, and reveals that he is a fan of The Wolverine. When Logan goes near the borderline, and enters the house of Charles Xavier and Caliban, where Laura Kinney is protected, Donald comes and knocks Logan out. However, Laura comes out of the house, and then kills several Reavers before escaping with the help of Logan and Charles Xavier respectively.

Meeting with Dr. Zander Rice

Beware the Light!
~ Pierce's catchphrase while torturing Caliban

Afterwards, Pierce meets with Dr. Rice when the latter arrives via helicopter and brings him Caliban. Inside the van, he guards Dr. Rice and watches Caliban doesn't escape or betray Dr. Rice. Caliban however manages to brainwash X-24, causing him to kill a few soldiers. Caliban then throws two grenades on Dr. Zander Rice, mocking Pierce of a quote - that would become his last words - he had tauntingly said to him earlier as the van explodes, and Caliban gets killed. However, Dr. Zander Rice and Donald Pierce survived the explosion.

Final Battle

Showtime, boy!
~ Pierce releases the X-24 on Logan

Pierce later recovers in Zander's facility. While being taken care of, he finally discovers the location of the mutant kids, and reports so to Zander. Dr. Zander sends Pierce and the Reavers to attack and round up the mutant kids. However, Logan arrives to save the kids and kills several Reavers. During this, he shoots and kills Dr. Rice and shoots out Donald's biotic hand. He then unleashes X-24 to have him kill Logan. Pierce assists X-24 by cheering him on and impaling Logan in the back of the thigh with his harpoon gun, but is then attacked and quickly overwhelmed by the mutant kids, who combine their powers to trap him, whereupon they suffocate and shock him to death.


Donald Pierce is an incredibly sadistic and heartless enforcer for Zander Rice, but unlike his boss, he enjoys hurting others. He exposes Caliban to the light, and does so just for fun. He seems to be extremely caring and protective towards Dr. Zander Rice, as part of his duty. He also seems to be The Wolverine's fan, as he tried to cooperate with him and find Laura through him, right before the moment of the chase. But him being a "fan" is just a facade. As a result of his brutal actions, he is eventually defeated by remorseless mutant kids.


  • Boyd Holbrook gained 10lbs of fat for the role.
  • In the comics, Donald Pierce actually did lead the Reavers at one point, though it was after re-forming the organization, rather than being the original leader.
  • In the comics, Donald Pierce is a member of the Hellfire Club, though the film version has no known affiliations with the film version of the Hellfire Club (and likely would not wish to, given that it is a violently pro-Mutant/anti-Human organization, whereas Pierce is the opposite).

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