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I want a golden goose. Okay? How much?
~ Donald Trump
Fake news, fake shake, shake news.
~ Donald Trump denying his relationship with Shredder.

Donald Trump is a minor antagonist in the adult stop motion-animated parody sketch comedy series Robot Chicken. He is based on the real-life 45th US president of the same name.

He is voiced by Fred Tatasciore and Ralph Garman.


Trump debuts in the sketch "Trump Trolling" from season nine episode "Strummy Strummy Sad Sad" where he attacks three teen boys over their tweets about him.

In "Trump and the Chocolate Factory" from the season nine finale "Hi.", Trump demands a golden goose for himself from Willy Wonka. When Wonka refuses to give him one since they're not for sale, Trump bursts into a musical number during which he causes mayhem in the factory before Pence shoves him down a pipe, presumably killing him.

Season ten episode "Fila Ogden in: Maggie's Got a Full Load" opens with April O'Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise interviewing Trump, questioning him on his relationship with the Shredder. The interview ends with them saying "Live from New York, it's Robot Chicken!" before a Saturday Night Live-style opening is shown.


This incarnation of Donald Trump is depicted as a discriminatory, greedy, dumb, perverted egomaniac who seems incapable of accepting reality. He also seems to be petty and easily offended, attacking three teen boys over their negative tweets about him and causing them to have personalities, outfits and hairstyles similar to his own.

Villainous acts

  • In the sketch "Trump Trolling", three teen boys called Matt, Dave and Eric each tweet negative things about Trump to see if an urban legend they know of is true. To their horror, it turns out to indeed be true, with lights going off and Trump appearing in the bathroom mirror before them and starting to chase them until he corners them. The scene then switches to the boys entering their classroom now each with Trump's outfit, hair and mannerisms, horrifying their class.
  • In "Donald Trump and the Chocolate Factory", Trump does or says the following:
    • Demanding one of the golden geese for himself despite being told that they are not for sale. He also kills one of them while singing.
    • Violently attacks a total of seven Oompa Loompas.
    • Breaks one of the golden goose eggs.
    • Expresses desire to give rights to white people only.
    • Admitted that he wants to claim Earth for himself and rename it to "Trump's Earth".
    • Grabs a goose and Willy Wonka by their crotch areas, also throwing the previous.
    • Says that if "things go south, I'll bomb it".
    • Implies that he became President due to Russians' help.
  • In the sketch "April O'Neil, Donald Trump and a Saturday Night Live-style Opening", Trump denies having conspired with Shredder of TMNT fame to steal all pizzas from New York and allowing him to run his campaign despite April showing photographic evidence of the two sharing a milkshake. He also claims to have killed and cannibalized a hobo, citing the Purge as an excuse.


  • Although he doesn't appear in the sketch, Trump is mentioned in the segment summary of "Adios, Handy Manny" from season eight episode "Garbage Sushi" which states that he is the only one not to be disappointed in Bob the Builder for having Handy Manny deported.


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