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Hello. Thank you for coming. I'd like to start by answering the question that's on everyone's mind. Yes. This is real life. This is really happening. On January 20th, I, Donald J. Trump, will become the forty-fifth president of the United States, and then, two months later, Mike Pence will become the forty-sixth. I am so excited to live in the White House. I'm even going to have a little pet, like all the presidents do. Bill Clinton had Socks, Barack Obama had Bo... and I'll have Paul Ryan. I mean I'm not gay, but I cannot wait to give it to that man for four years. And guys, I mean, who is excited for my Inauguration Day? (People cheer) Yes, thank you to those people over there who I definitely did not pay to do that.
~ Donald Trump after becoming President-elect.

Donald John Trump is a parody of the former US president Donald Trump on the political comedy series Saturday Night Live. He is portrayed as a satire of the real Donald Trump and has appeared in several numerous SNL sketches, both before and after becoming president.

He was portrayed by Alec Baldwin, who won a Critics' Choice Award for the role in 2016. Baldwin also played Fred Frenger Junior in Miami BluesKennebrew Beauregard in BlacKkK Klansman, Larry Quinn in The Cat in the Hat, Nick Kudrow in Mercury Rising, Jed Hill in Malice, Mark Cordell in The Juror, Makunga in Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa, Blake in Glengarry Glen Ross, and Dennis in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.  


This incarnation of Donald Trump appears to be a very hypocritical man, as he describes Hillary in ways that describe himself, saying that he dislikes her because "her face is all orange, except around the eyes". Although, his personality shifts in each episode. In some, he appears to want Hillary in jail, but in a later one, he said she was innocent of all crimes because he did not feel like taking the time out of his day to prosecute her, implying that he is lazy. Trump does not take his job as President seriously or ever use his presidential powers in any way to help the country since he's more interested in expanding on his money, his hotels, his number of supporters, The Apprentice and writing ridiculous things on Twitter. In addition to Trump often being obstreperous and throwing temper tantrums at people who denounce him by screaming that they're being discourteous, Trump himself highly offends and discriminates other people especially in terms of their religion or background ethnicity.

Donald Trump also appears to be culturally insensitive and exploitative, best seen during his interview with "Lester Holt" in which he forgot Holt's name and called him random black people, such as "O.J.", "Denzel", or anything else. Despite his low intelligence, he also appears to be somewhat devious and manipulative, as he was able to easily convince "Sean Spicer" that he wasn't going to replace him with "Sarah Huckabee Sanders", before molesting him. He also enjoys spending his free time tweeting, stalking Hillary Clinton, and making prank phone-calls, implying he's extremely insecure and naughty.

Donald Trump's most significant traits include having a sloppy attitude and cowardice. In the sketch "Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Debate Cold Open", he talked for two minutes gloating about himself but Lester Holt called him back stating this is a 90-minute debate. In response, Trump fibs that he cannot continue because Obama and Hillary broke his microphone. In "Oval Office Cold Open", when Steve Bannon eggs Trump to call Zimbabwe and bully their president Mugabe by intimidating him, Mugabe threatens to rip out Trump's spine, decapitate him and use his skull for a cup.

Trump just silently shivers in fear mouth agape as Mugabe lashes out at him for being a "little white bitch" then demands no more phone calls. In "Alien Attack Cold Open", when aliens were attacking the earth and easily, quickly stealing earth away from the humans Trump did nothing about it and just kept gloating that he is President. Of course, then the aliens arrive right next to Trump with his Army general and the aliens' commander tells Trump, "Take me to your leader!". Trump thinks for a moment then declares that his general is the President.

Donald Trump also demonstrates poor common sense, such as by hiring meth kingpin Walter White from AMC's Breaking Bad to be the new head of the DEA or how his phone call to Robert Mugabe. When Trump called Mugabe just to bully the latter, the latter responds by threatening to rip his head and spine off. Trump fails to comprehend that Mugabe has a lackluster military while his own military, the U.S. Armed Forces, is far more powerful and capable that the war should break out between the United States and Zimbabwe.

It is revealed during a conference with Kanye West that Trump actually is capable of being self-aware, albeit only in the presence of someone whose mental state is arguably worse than his, as seen when he notes that Kanye is very aggravating and cocky, before realizing that people probably view him the exact same way.

Villainous Acts

This version of Donald Trump commits numerous villainous acts in the sitcom that include (but are not limited to):

  • Keeping Kellyanne Conway locked in a crypt underneath the White House.
  • Telling Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders to lie to the press.
  • Molesting Sean Spicer.
  • Secretly allowing Steve Bannon to run the White House.
  • Prank-calling Australia, Mexico, Germany, and Zimbabwe to bully their respective leaders.
  • Trying to scam Mexico into giving their credit card number to him so they'll pay for his wall.
  • Neglecting his duties as President to resist an alien invasion by wiping out millions of Americans. This is a clear violation of the presidential oath he took in since he obviously could have done more to fight the aliens but was too lazy.
  • Using Vladimir Putin's help to cheat in the election.
  • Lying to Sarah Palin to get her endorsement for president.
  • In his Don't Stop Me Now cover, it is revealed that he intends to raise tariffs until a tomato costs $100.
  • He intends to use Mike as a fall guy for his crimes.


Martha, this black man is attacking me. Also, speaking of blacks, do you know who else should be in jail? Hillary Clinton, she's committed so many crimes, she's basically a black.
~ Donald Trump to Martha Raddatz.
Guy who's gonna pay for the wall says what?
~ Donald Trump to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.
You're being very mean to me tonight, Coltrane, very mean.
~ Donald Trump getting mad when Lester Holt pointed out at least Nixon won the popular vote.





  • Donald Trump expressed annoyance in response to their recurring skits. He pointed out that they exaggerate his mannerisms to a comedic effect. Despite this, this portrayal of Donald Trump has received critical acclaim.
  • Alec Baldwin has admitted he had interest in discontinuing the performance because the Trump administration constantly attacks him for this. Prior to this, Baldwin offered to stop if Donald Trump released his tax returns.
  • WatchMojo ranked Baldwin's portrayal of Donald Trump as #3 on their "Top 10 Donald Trump Impersonations" list.
  • With the recent announcement that Donald Trump has been diagnosed with COVID-19, the writers of Saturday Night Live have considered to change the show's cold open as they want to be sensitive with the issue. That said, Alec Baldwin is still intended to continue playing Trump in the show to make a sketch parodying Trump's controversial debate with Joe Biden.