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Donestre are bizarre semi-humanoid monsters from European medieval legend and mythology, unlike almost all other monsters and demons envisioned in these particularly superstitious times the Donestre stands out as actually showing deep remorse over their actions, yet are doomed to repeat them in a twisted kind of psyche play - as such the Donestre is seen as a symbolic beast created to embody the fear of travelers in foreign lands who felt themselves becoming changed by the "alien" cultures they came in contact with.

As such, Donestre were depicted as humanoid lions who would welcome travelers to their land and befriend them only to quickly turn homicidal and devour their victim in a frenzy, leaving no part of the body left save for a severed head - which the beast would proceed to stand over and mourn, despite being the one responsible for the violent demise of their former "friend".


like many monsters of the time period Donestre are a type of wild-man, a fusion of human and animal - which was seen as frightening in the medieval mind, a reminder of the supposed savagery outside the safety of one's homeland or people.

Donestre are exclusively male monstres and have the head of a lion, complete with mane - yet are bipedal and largely furless everywhere else - they wore no clothing.


most Donestre are depicted as conflicting monsters that truly desired the company of a traveler, gave great hospitality and companionship only to suddenly change into a savage animal that desired nothing more than to devour their former friend in a gory spectacle - once the feeding frenzy had ended the Donestre entered a state of deep mourning as it held the now decapitated head of its victim, as if remembering the life it had befriended then taken.


  • Superhuman strength
  • Enhanced durability
  • Berserker-rage
  • Fangs
  • Omnilingualism
  • Charisma
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