Why, you've come alone! You should have just said you wanted to meet me in private!
~ Dong Zhuo.
You bloody idiots, are you ready to die?
~ Dong Zhuo speaking to the Yellow Turbans.

Dong Zhuo (董卓), style name: Zhongying (仲穎), is a historically warlord who while originally was subjugating other lands as an officer, managed to seize power in the Han capital Luoyang during its time of chaos. He would rule with an iron grip for years as a cruel and wicked tyrant before the his own death via an assasination.

In the most fictional media, he is usually one of the main antagonists in the early chapters of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel and game as well as the early stages of the Dynasty Warriors video game series. This status of his has been played up further via his portrayals in the Knights of Valour video game series in both the third installment and PS4 installment. The said novel and adaptations from it would often show Dong Zhuo to be an obese man that was possessed notable strength.


During the events of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Liu Bei and Cao Cao, then acting officers of the Han before Cao Cao's rebellion, arrive at Luoyang to forcefully remove Zhuo from power and lay siege to Luoyang. Dong Zhuo was sends many officers out including his own foster son Lu Bu, a man said to be the strongest warrior in the land and rumored to be invincible.

The Han forces meet with heavy casualties from Lu Bu especially over the other troops and generals but eventually are able to make their way passed him to Dong Zhuo's palace. The capture of Luoyang is a significant step for the Han as it represents the empire's renewed steps to clean up it's territories, removing implications of weakness and dishonor for the kingdom.


Dong Zhuo is a supremely callous, egotistical, and ruthless tyrant who has a penchant for labeling those who oppose him as "insects", "vermin", and "bugs" that should be squashed. He relies heavily on his most capable officers, such as Lu Bu, Hua Xiong, and Zhang Liao, and will not personally enter a battle unless he is left with little choice. Bad tempered and rude, he loves to lavish himself in luxury with fine wine, treasure, and women.

He is also somewhat pampered and helpless, and unwilling to fight for himself. While he is often dies calling out for the aid of his soldiers or Lu Bu as he did in the novel. Despite this, there are times where he can be a cleaver force to be reckoned with if he's forced to use his wits in just a few situations.



  • It is unknown of Dong Zhuo was historically obese, as his appearance as such is most likely a carry-over from the original Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel.