Dong Zhuo's Army (in Chinese: 董卓軍) are the antagonistic faction in the 14th-century Chinese classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by the late Luo Guanzhong, and its multiple adaptations. They are is a military force that rose during the Later Han Dynasty of China.


Dong Zhuo came to power from the very beginning in a rude and disrespectful manner. In order to commemorate the calmness of Emperor Xian on his appearance, Dong Zhuo held a banquet and proposed a plan for the prince to become the defending emperor. Ding Yuan, who had an adopted son, Lu Bu, strongly opposed it.

Musing that the mighty general could be a worthy asset, he bribed Lu Bu with Red Hare to become his own adopted son. The ruble accepted it after some meditation and kill Ding Yuan. Dong Zhuo's repeated crimes in the capital led Wang Yun to give Cao Cao's mythical seven-star sword for an assassination attempt. Due to Lu Bu's keen observation of the ruble, Cao Cao was failed, and the fugitives were running away. During the reign of the capital, Dong Zhuo continued to order several innocent people to be slaughtered, freeing the ruined royal family from subtle dissatisfaction.

After the establishment of the coalition, Dong Zhuo's forces fought against Sishui Pass and Hulao Gate. Both battles have held a particularly famous battle for Liu Bei and his vowed brothers, such as defeating the mighty generals Hua Xiong and Lu Bu. Due to civil disputes between the coalition parties, Dong Zhuo reluctantly ruled in court. His downfall will soon be caused by Diao Chan's manipulation of flirting and embarrassing Lu Bu. His body was first shown by the rebels and then buried by loyal supporters. However, shortly after his burial, his coffin was excavated and rejected by the earth.

His body was burned by lightning. The other two unsuccessful funerals, the narrative suggests that heaven is not satisfied with Dong Zhuo to accept him.


  • In Dynasty Warriors: Online, Dong Zhuo's army is also symbolized by a qilin.


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