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Galactic Merchant Dongoros is an alien merchant who does most of his business with the Galactic Imperial Army Zone and a supporting antagonist in Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.

He is one of the Zone Army's three Galactic Commanders alongside Billion and Doldora, and is the one who provides Zone with the Enlarging Beast Gorlin that they use to grow their Galactic Warriors giant. He also has two assistants named Saishiaru and Furinda.

He was voiced by Takuzou Kamiyama in the first four episodes and by Osamu Kato from the fifth episode onward.


Dongoros was present during Zone's attack on the planet Sidon, where Zone first encountered the Hoshikawa siblings. Later, when Zone attacked the Earth, they faced off against the Hoshikawa siblings again, who had become the Fiveman to fight against them.

Dongoros would hatch several schemes of his own to defeat the Fivemen, but all of his schemes were thwarted.

At the end of the series, as Zone's flagship Vulgyre is exploding, Dongoros hurriedly attempts to pack all the gold bars and Dolyen bills he can before the ship blows up. He ends up dying when the ship explodes before he can get out, ultimately dying due to his own greed.


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