Donkey Kong (also known as DK in acronym) is the main antagonist of the panned 2015 sci-fi action comedy film Pixels, despite his role being small. He is the supreme leader of all the Pixels aliens and Pixel Alien's boss.


When Sam Brenner came in to the alien's ship, he saw Violet's son Matty and other people.

Donkey Kong throws barrels to Sam, Violet and Cooper, but Donkey Kong gets mad, and he throws more barrels to Sam, Violet and Cooper.

However, Sam goes very nervous, as he has no clue on how to defeat Donkey Kong. Learning that Eddie wins due to cheating from Matty, he gains back his confidence. He then throws the hammer to Donkey Kong, destroying a barrel and killing Donkey Kong in the process. With Donkey Kong's death, all the game characters were destroyed.



  • Unlike in the original game with the same title, this version of DK is very cruel and making him as the supreme ruler all over the others.


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