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Don't leave... I can't let you...
~ Donna Beneviento to Ethan Winters.

Donna Beneviento is a major antagonist in the 2021 first person horror videogame Resident Evil Village. She is one of the four lords who serve under Mother Miranda along with Alcina Dimitrescu, Karl Heisenberg, and Salvatore Moreau. She is the owner of House Beneviento, and toys with her victims by using hallucinations from the pollen planted in the garden. Because of her ability to manipulate her botanical creations to induce targeted, powerful, and painful neurological effects on her victims, along with her ability to create near-impossible puzzles for Ethan to solve, she could be considered the second most intelligent of the Four Lords, second only to Karl Heisenberg.

She was voiced by Miyuki Sato in Japanese and Andi Norris in English.



Donna Beneviento was the only daughter to her parents, and was fearful of others due to having a scar across her face. Her father would build a doll named "Angie" to keep Donna company, and she would develop a deep obsession with dolls to the point that she would only speak to them.

After her parent's death, Donna locked herself from the rest of the village and would spend her time creating dolls. She was then adopted by Mother Miranda, a biologist who was experimenting with Megamycete in an attempt to find a perfect vessel for her late daughter, Eva. Though Donna adopted to the mold and Cadou parasite, Miranda found that Donna was "undeveloped" and too mentally ill to become a vessel for Eva, but decided to have Donna own her family's home and join the Four Houses.

She would serve Mother Miranda alongside Alcina Dimitrescu, Karl Heisenberg, and Salvatore Moreau, but would only communicate through Angie. Donna would live at her family's own, the Beneviento house, where she controlled the valley through hallucinations to torment her victims. Once given the ability to manipulate plants, she allowed her gardener to see his family again, but it's implied that she might had done so to torment him.

Resident Evil Village

When Mother Miranda learned that a perfect vessel was birth by the Winters, she decided to enact her plan to capture the child and gave Donna a part of Rose's body to guard. During the meeting with Mother Miranda and the other lords, Donna communicates through Angie while watching Heisenberg's show by having Winters be chased by Lycans and his traps. After eliminating the Dimitrescu's at their castle, Ethan learns that Rose's body parts have been separated and given to each lord, and is forced to travel to Beneviento's house. Donna used her hallucinogens to make Ethan see Mia, and later makes him further hallucinate by making him solve a puzzle with a makeshift doll.

She continues to taunt him by playing recording of Mia's voice, and creating a grotesque creature referred to as the "Baby" through the basement. It's assumed that Donna created the creature and made Ethan hallucinate him losing his weapons, and after he manages to escape from the infant, speaks to him that he can't leave her home. She then sends her dolls to attack him, forcing Ethan to search for Angie and stabbing the doll in the head three times. Upon stabbing Angie with scissors for the final time, Ethan is taken out of his hallucinations, seeing that he killed Donna instead of Angie. Ethan realizes that he's been fighting Donna the entire time, and Benviento's corpse calcifies and crumbles to dust. Upon her death, Ethan collects the flask and succeeds in killing the other lords and stopping Mother Miranda.

Powers and Abilities

Donna has the power to control dolls, with her main "henchwoman" being an unsightly-looking one named Angie. Due to her mutation, she can secrete a pheromone that can control plants that are infected with the megamycete. She can also induce extremely powerful hallucinations from whoever inhaled the pollen from any one of her plants.

She is possibly the weakest of the four lords in terms of physical capabilities, which is why she relies on her powers in order to be a threat. While physically weak and considered to be mentally unstable, her intelligence is put on full display; she knew exactly how to hurt Ethan, where and when to strike, and even used his deepest fears to nearly succeed in her efforts to thwart his escape.


Donna Beneviento herself doesn't talk much during the game. However, her doll, Angie, will do most of the work. Angie is the one who toys with Ethan when Ethan arrives at House Beneviento. When Ethan was captured by Heisenberg, Donna is mainly quiet the entire time when Dimitrescu and Heisenberg were arguing on how gets to kill Ethan with Angie encouraging the two to fight. She also possessed a good level of self-awareness: she knew that she couldn't take Winters head-on, so she put him through a mentally daunting gauntlet of pain, hallucinatory effects, and fed off his deepest fears to combat him.

Judging by the hallucinations she induces in the protagonist's mind, Donna likes to toy with her victims, using their inner struggles and fears to mess with their sanity. For example, Ethan's visions mainly revolve around Mia and Rose's fates. She puts even more salt on the grieving husband's wounds by manifesting constant reminders of his and Mia's turbulent relationship, as well as Rose's demise in a form of a giant, repulsive baby-like abomination.

Although Angie and Donna are presented as separate entities, it's revealed during the dollmaker's defeat that the one who was hiding from Ethan and being stabbed with the scissors was, in fact, Donna herself, while the protagonist only saw Angie floating away from him independently, implying that she's either a lot less silent and stable than she initially appears or has a split personality disorder.

There's evidence that Donna is not purely sadistic or malevolent, since, as mentioned in her gardener's diary, she advised him to plant the infected yellow flowers near his deceased wife's grave and bestowed the visions of his loved one upon him, however it's probable that she's somehow killed him after luring the man to her house and promising the chance to reunite with his family.


Donna Beneviento is dressed in mourning garb. It is also said that she has a scar on her face and a mutated abscess, known as the Cadou, growing in her right eye.


Concept Art


  • Despite being a major antagonist, she is never actually fought herself, only her doll Angie is. This makes her the only one of Mother Miranda's key minions to never be fought directly.
    • Furthermore, Angie herself isn't even fought in the traditional sense, as the fight consists mostly of a hide and seek, where the player has to find Angie within the time limit.


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