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Donna Triss is an antagonist in an Ace Attorney drama CD, Gyakuten Saiban 5: ~Turnabout Submissive!?~. She is an American dominatrix in Japan who practices an incredibly controversial and dangerous brand of BDSM. She has incredibly twisted ideas sadomasochism, pain and consent. She intended to be a hyperbolic representation of negative stigmas that are attached to unconventional sexual activities. This is in complete contrast to the defendant of the case Trixy May, who is also a professional dominatrix from America, but exhibits the opposite of these negative stigmas.

Donna was the actual person who killed Yuki Nagamoto. She tried to pin this onto Trixy May. However, her true culpability was exposed in court by Trixy's defense attorney, Athena Cykes.


  • Her name is a correupted English based word play on the word "Dominatrix"; "Donn"' (a corroded play on "Domina"), and Triss (taken from Trix). Donna insists that people refer to her with the American honorific "Miss", which forms another English word play, as "Ms. Triss" is pronounced akin to "mistress", tying into the S&M theme.
  • It is heavily implied on several occasions that Donna has engaged in pedophilic relations with a young girl. While it is not explicit about it, the girl's age is implied to be 12 to 13, and Donna is implied to have done "things" with her before.


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