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Donna Tubbs-Brown (born 1976) is the deuteragonist in the FOX animated TV series, The Cleveland Show. She is the wife of Cleveland Brown, bio mother of Roberta and Rallo Tubbs, step-mother of Cleveland Junior, and ex-wife of Robert Tubbs. She is voiced by Sanaa Lathan.


Although she's generally a good person, and sometimes heroic, especially in contrast to Cleveland, she is also a very consistent liar, and an aspiring adulterer, still being mildly in love with her ex and attempted to abandon Cleveland for another guy.

She's also been shown on occasion to vow petty revenge on people she doesn't like, and acts unnecessarily cruel to her children on occasion, lies to her husband dozens of times and has been proven to hide even more secrets from him, even years into their marriage. She's even been portrayed as the main antagonist of some episodes.

Villainous Acts

  • In "Ladies' Night", Donna was bored of spending neighborhood game night with Cleveland every week, so she called up her old friends and ditched him. She blatantly lied to both sides, telling her friends she was unmarried and giving Cleveland sex every night she returned late, so he wouldn't ask any questions. Donna got busted and apologized, but Cleveland helped her lie once again, convincing her old friends that she hates her husband, which got her on their good side again.
  • In "Beer Walk!", after having her legs broken, Cleveland had to tend to Donna's needs. After a while, Donna's legs healed, but she continued to pretend she was still hurt, because she liked being pampered by Cleveland and not having to work. The guys found out she was lying to him, and if it weren't for Tim making a death threat to her, she would have never come clean.
  • In "Nightmare on Grace Street", Donna laughed in amusement, as she watched hidden camera recordings of Cleveland and Rallo in a haunted house.
  • In "Jesus Walks", she lied to Cleveland, sending him off on a 3 day vacation, just so that he'd be out of the house when an old friend of her's arrived. She claimed not to be having an affair, yet she still saw it as a necessity to hide all proof that she had a husband and kids, when he came over. She covered up for this not only by sending Cleveland off, but also be taking down all family pictures, sending Junior off to church camp, and Roberta and Rallo off to the movies.
  • In "Escape from Goochland", she scared Rallo, by pretending to be a knife-fingered monster in his closet. After he ran away, screaming and crying, she proceeded to laugh and call him a "lil' bitch".
  • In "A Vas Deferens Between Men & Women", Donna experienced melancholy over not having a baby, so she constantly harassed Cleveland to impregnate her. Eventually, Cleveland gave in and had sex with her, only to find out he had a vasectomy a long time ago. Apparently Donna learned this too at some point after having sex and before Cleveland came home to confess, because when he came home and was about to tell her the truth, Donna instantly started faking being pregnant, to make Cleveland come clean about getting a vasectomy, which only ended up confusing him and stopping him from doing so. Little did she know, Cleveland knew full well that she was lying, but he did not know that she knew about his lie. Cleveland was also trying to get Donna to come clean, by pretending to still be fertile. Neither of them gave in, until the "birth" of their new child, which turned out to be a pillow case, shoved up her shirt.
  • In "Hustle 'N' Bros", when Junior accidentally broke her flute, she went full-on psycho and consistently pestered him, throughout the day, asking him when he was going to get back to her with the broken flute part, even when Junior was trying his best to work on it. She eventually snapped and tied Larry the Leopard up to a log, and was just about ready to saw him in half, before Junior came in with the flute part and saved him. Donna was acting like an actual, frizzy haired, cackling psycho during this.
  • In "Brownsized", she pushed Cleveland off of a building out of anger, when hearing that he lied to her about getting fired. Cleveland landed safely on the mattress, but Donna would then imply that she didn't know there was a mattress there, meaning she was completely intending to kill him and had no strife with that.
  • In "Pins, Spins, & Fins", she insulted Rallo, dumping onto him the sad truth that "Kids Suck at Everything". She'd constantly berate him and demean him, throughout the episode, telling him the truth about how his drawings looked and how he played sports. He even unjustly insulted Roberta for dressing like a slut.
  • In "Who Done Did It?", she hated her neighbor Arianna, for thinking she was better than her. So, sent Cleveland out as a hit-man to go out and egg her house, and would soon get completely caught up in this, sending him to different people's homes every day to egg them. This went on for about a week or two, until Cleveland presumably killed Lydia Waterman, by chucking a hard-boiled egg at her. This would make Donna indirectly responsible for her death.
  • In the Family Guy episode, "He's Bla-ack!", she spanked Chris Griffin's naked butt, for breaking her vase. This got Lois really pissed at her and the two of them got into a fight. She also forced Cleveland not to hang out with Peter, despite him having nothing to do with it. Donna stalked Cleveland, going all the way down to the Clam and spying on him through the window, to make sure he was obeying her commands. She'd later spank Cleveland's penis, after hearing that he was with him.
  • In the Family Guy episode, "A House Full of Peters", she prank called Cleveland, claiming to be Michelle Obama and insulting him. She also did this at a time, when she knew he was currently in a state of depression, crying on the toilet and eating pie.


  • She has alluded famous villains from outside work on several occasions. In "Escape from Goochland", she pretended to be Freddy Krueger, sticking her hand of "knife-fingers" through Rallo's closet door. In "Hustle 'N' Bros", she alluded to Johnny Inkslinger, by tying Larry the Leopard to a log of wood, and slowly pushing the log toward a saw.
  • In "Wheel of Family!" she almost admitted being married to Dennis Rodman, before being married to Robert. It is unknown how many times she's been married before this.
  • She also mentioned being pregnant five times in "A Vas Deferens Between Men & Women", but her only two known biological children are Roberta and Rallo.
  • Much of her villainous tendencies could be justified by the fact that she was abandoned by her mother as a child, though this can only go so far.
  • In "Fraap Attack!" she mentioned being in contact with two drug dealers and in "A Rodent Like This", Cleveland told the cops she had pot in her drawer.
  • In "Dancing With The Stools", Donna said she had kidnapped Rick James for three months.


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