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Donnagon Giggles is a major character in the Action/Adventure film series Spy Kids.

He is a minor yet pivotal character in Spy Kids and the main antagonist in the sequel Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams. In the threequel, Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, he serves as a major protagonist.

He was portrayed by Mike Judge.


Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams

The father of Gary Giggles and Gerti Giggles and double agent of the spy organization, the OSS. Carmen and Juni, spies and heroes, helped Donnagon escape in the first movie. However he has become the director of the OSS, after hacking into the TelePrompter which the president was reading from and was meant to name Gregorio instead, and plans to steal the Transmooker device to rule the world.

He uses his son Gary to setup and fire Juni and sends his kids to recover the device from an island near Madagascar. But later, his daughter and the heroes destroy the Transmooker as he and Gregorio get into a fight, which Donnagon briefly wins, before Gregorio steps in and attempts to save Ingrid's parents from being killed by the Transmooker, which suddenly malfunctioned due to Gerti having tampered with it and threatening to tell their mother that "you tried to take over the world again", despite Donnagon's pleas. When the president and his daughter arrive at the island, they fire Donnagon and temporarily disavow Gary.

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

Donnagon was "straightened out" by his wife Francesca and rejoining the OSS again despite his betrayal and trying to kill the Cortez family. He along with his wife inform Juni on the Toymaker (the main villain of the third film) and his plot to enslave children's minds through his video game Game Over! as a revenge scheme against the OSS for imprisoning him for 30 years. Juni enters into the simulation of Game Over in order to save his sister. For most of the film, he and Francesca are seen watching Juni keep up the good work in the videogame's levels. However, after reaching Level 4, they later notice that Juni and company are surfing across the lava to get to the Toymaker in Level 5, which is unwinnable. Looking for intel about the past of the ally-turned-enemy duo, Donnagon realizes that Valentin will release the Toymaker in order to get revenge on him, since he is the reason why Valentin is bound to a wheelchair. At his wife's insistence, Donnagon sends a lava monster to prevent them from reaching the level, though the plan backfires as the lava proves to be harmless. After managing to shut down the game, however, they find out that Valentin, who still persists with his revenge plan, did release the Toymaker, much to their disappointment. Just then, giant robots from the game start destroying the city until Juni and Carmen contact their family and other characters from past Spy Kids films to aid them, managing to destroy them all but the Toymaker's. Following a heart-to-heart between Valentin and the Toymaker, who reforms and shuts down his robot, Donnagon is last seen joining the rest of the Cortez family and their friends in celebrating their families.


  • In the first Spy Kids film, his full name is given as Michael Donnagon, as shown on his missing report. It is possible that his full name is Michael Donnagon Giggles.
  • It is implied in dialogue that Donnagon had attempted to take over the world prior to the events of Spy Kids 2, although this was obviously not known to the OSS due to his promotion in that film.


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