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Scotty doesn't know!
~ Donny's most famous line

Donny is a minor antagonist of the 2004 comedy film EuroTrip and the lead singer of a rock band who has had sex with Scotty's fiancé, Fiona.

He is portrayed by Matt Damon - who played Loki in Dogma, Colin Sullivan in The Departed, Dr. Mann in Interstellar, and Tom Ripley in The Talented Mr. Ripley - and his singing voice provided by Lustra lead singer Chris Baird.

Donny attended a graduation class at Ohio and sang a lewd song about his sexual acts towards Fiona and chanting "Scotty Doesn't Know", humiliating Scotty.

The song has had a big impact on the film's plot and humor.

His song had got a remix at Bratislava and is also a ringtone on various cellphones.


I did her on his birthday.
~ Donny confessing he have sex with Fiona on Scotty's birthday.


  • Matt Damon accepted the role of Donny because he knew the crew from his college days in Massachusetts.
  • Matt Damon did not do his own singing for the role. He lip-synced the lyrics.
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