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Donovan is a minor antagonist in Saw II: Flesh & Blood.


Donovan is one of the enemies in the game, who are all criminals that had been arrested by Michael Tapp's father David in the past. As a result, they all want to kill Michael. Donovan in particular was a man who beat his various girlfriends and convinced them they deserved the beatings to make them stay with him. Donovan is one of the "Bullish Men" enemies, men who have had spiked cages placed around their heads and their arms tied behind their backs. The spiked head cages are designed to carve deeper every time they move and any pain they caused other victims of John Kramer would be reflected back onto them. However, since their hands were tied behind their backs, the spikes were the best defense they had against attackers. Uniquely, Donovan had a second device placed upon him; a vest with much longer spikes going through his torso.

Donovan is found by Michael in a storage area. Recognizing Michael as the son of his arresting officer, Donovan attempts to kill him with the spikes going through his torso. Michael is able to evade Donovan and make him charge into wooden crates, causing his spikes to get stuck, allowing Michael the opportunity to strike the abuser with weapons lying around the area. After doing this three times, Donovan dropped to the ground, seemingly dead, allowing Michael to continue on.

In truth, Donovan is only knocked out by the blows. Sometime later he encounters Michael again in another area and once again tries to kill him. After getting his spikes stuck in crates once again, Donovan is killed when Michael drops a crate on him, crushing the man.


Donovan was a brutal and manipulative man, beating his various girlfriends and convincing the abuse was good for them. His violent personality is also seen in how he tries to murder Michael with his spikes out of anger for having been arrested by his father. It could be said that Donovan cared more about vengeance than his own well-being, as he continued to attack Michael despite the immense pain it meant for him. He also seemed very myopic and seemed to have a ridiculous feeling of entitlement, as while attacking Michael he would sometimes yell at him to free him from the devices despite the fact that he was trying to kill Michael, and if he succeeded in killing Michael, one of the lines he could say afterward (as the option to return to the previous checkpoint appeared) was "Why wouldn't you help me?", indicating he expected Michael to free him despite the fact that Donovan was still trying to murder him.

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