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I'm angry like I'm gonna get a knife and I'm gonna stab you with it until you're dead. And when you look at me, and you ask me why, remember right now, because this is why
~ Donovan threatening Sheriff Stilinski

Donovan Donati is an hybrid creature and a supporting antagonist in the first half of season 5 of the MTV series Teen Wolf.

He is played by Ashton Moio.


Donovan was arrested and kept in holding by the Beacon Hills Sheriff on suspicion of breaking and entering.

He once applied to be a Sheriff's Deputy. He wanted to be a cop like his father and now holds a grudge against Sheriff Stilinski for not allowing him to pursue that career and frequently threatens to kill him. The Sheriff says he is aware of Donovan's issues due to the testing he underwent when applying to work there.

While being transferred, Donovan was found and attacked by the Dread Doctors who drilled into the side of his head for some unknown reason.

After another hybrid, Tracy Stewart attacked the Sheriff's station, the Dread Doctors came for Donovan and strapped him to a table in their lair and begin to pull his teeth out. New teeth grow in immediately, double rows of sharp little fangs like a Wendigo or a Kanima.

Afterwards, Theo visits him and brings his psychological evaluation from the Sheriff's Station. Donovan’s “Anger Expression Inventory” resulted in a finding that he is “not suitable for law enforcement.” Theo manipulates him into getting revenge on Sherrif Stilinski by persuading him to go after the people he loves, like Stiles.

Donovan eventually tracks Stiles down at the school library and tries to kill him. Acting on self-defense, Stiles accidentally kills him by causing a metal bar to fall on him.