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Look, don't go wasting your punches! You're the champ! Don't try to take him out with one punch! Use your head! Now, you wear him down, he's all ours.
~ Donut to Clubber Lang.

Donut is Clubber Lang's manager and the secondary antagonist of the 1982 film Rocky III. His name is taken from the Rocky III Novelization.

He was portrayed by the late Wally Taylor.


Donut became the manager of Clubber Lang, a young, promising and brutal boxer who quickly rose through the ranks and became the Number 1 contender next to the Champion at the time Rocky Balboa. Donut seemed to be fine with Clubber's brutal style and some times cheating (for instance, attacking opponents when they are down). Soon, Donut and Clubber started pushing for a chance to take the title and started provoking Balboa, through TV interviews. Since Balboa and his trainer Mickey didn't seem interested with Clubber, with Mickey even deliberately avoiding him to protect Rocky, Clubber decided to personally attend a ceremony dedicated to Rocky in Philadelphia and challenged him for a fight and even insulted his wife Andrian in order to make him angry and accept the challenge. This worked as Rocky decided to fight him before retiring from boxing, despite Mickey's warnings. Donut then put Clubber through intense training.

As the fight was about to start, Clubber provoked Rocky in the locker room. Donut did nothing to stop him and instead laughed at the situation which resulted in Mickey being brutally pushed around and having a heart attack. When former champion Apollo Creed tried to shake hands with Clubber, he was pushed aside and insulted by Clubber with Donut simply laughing at it. Donut then instructed Clubber to tear Rocky appart and guided him through the match. Clubber went on to easily win by a knockout in the second round becoming the new heavyweight champion of the world, with Donut celebrating with him. Soon, they were challenged by Balboa for a rematch, this time with his former enemy Apollo Creed in his corner. Donut trained Clubber even harder for the rematch. When the rematch was about to start Clubber once again provoked both Rocky and Apollo with Donut once again doing nothing. The fight didn't turn out well for Clubber as Rocky's new style confused him and tired him out. Donut advised him to not waste his energy and use his head but Clubber didn't listen and continued to g straight for Balboa, tiring himself out even more and finally being knocked down in the third round. Donut desperately told Lang to get up but he couldn't, thus losing the title to Rocky Balboa. Both Donut's and Clubber's fates after that are unknown.



  • Clubber Lang


  • Rocky Balboa
  • Apollo Creed
  • Tony ''Duke'' Evers
  • Paulie Pennino
  • Mickey Goldmill



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