The Doofenwarlock Guards

The Doofenwarlock Guards are supporting antagonists of the Phineas and Ferb episode "Wizard of Odd". They are unnamed guards who serve for Doofenwarlock.

They were all voiced by Jeff Bennett.


The guards are first seen when Doofenwarlock summons them to recapture Perry the Platypus after the latter freed himself from captivity. The guards chase down Perry, who escaped Doofenwarlock's castle and summons several of her friends to rescue Candace as Doofenwarlock intends to vaporize her so that he can get Little Witch Suzy's boots for himself. After Candace accidentally shrunk Doofenwarlock's clothes by splashing water on him, Doofenwarlock angrily orders the guards to kill her as he goes off to get his tracker suit.

Candace then asks the guards if they want to kill her, but one of them replies that they really do not want to as they are not so wicked as their master. Candace then asks what the guards wanted to, to which they happily respond by performing a musical number and performing Russian dance moves. This does not work so well for Baljeet the Nerd Crow as he did not get himself a music number.

The guards continued dancing, allowing Candace and her friends to escape (despite Spider-Monkey's attempts to stop them), much to Doofenwarlock's dismay. Candace eventually gave the boots to Doofenwarlock, who happily dances in them until he was squished by a falling house, similar to Little Witch Suzy's fate. It is anonymous what has happened to the guards afterwards.


  • The Doofenwarlock Guards are a parody of the Winkie Guards since the episode "Wizard of Odd" is a parody of The Wizard of Oz.


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