Special Officer Doofy reporting!
~ Doofus "Doofy" Gilmore

Doofus "Doofy" Gilmore is the main antagonist of the 2000 horror/comedy spoof film Scary Movie. He is the identity of Ghostface, a parody of the Scream villain of the same name. He is a parody of Deputy Riley in Scream and also a parody of Billy Loomis and Stuart "Stu" Macher from the first Scream film.

He was portrayed by Dave Sheridan, who later played Bobby in A Haunted House, and Aghoul in A Haunted House 2.


While not a major antagonist until the end, he can be considered an obnoxious jerk for always being irritating due to his false disability.

Throughout the film, he answers calls from Ghostface, a running gag as he himself is the killer.

In the film, 2 of Cindy's friends claim to be the real killer, intending to go gay and run off to Los Angeles afterward, but they stab themselves to death in a fight in a attempt to be the phony survivors of the Stevenson County Massacre and then Ghostface comes in and finishes it off. This tells Cindy that they weren't the killer, and it prompts a reinvestigation. Finally, Cindy works out from clues (and that it was Doofus' sister who was killed) that it is Doofus. She goes all over the station looking for Doofus and she and a cop run out looking for Doofus.
Doofy's True Looks

Doofy's true appearance

But he has got in a car with Gail Hailstorm the reporter, whom he spooked earlier, but now has a relationship with him. They drive off together leaving Cindy yelling in frustration before she is run over.

Doofus kills practically everyone in the film in spoofs of the Scream killings and does get away with it. He is seen at the end breaking up with his vacuum cleaner before agreeing to masturbate using it one last time.


  • He is considered the most vile character in the Scary Movie franchise and is one of the only Scary Movie franchise villains to escape alive (being the other Ray Wilkins) and the only one who escaped his crimes in all four original films.
    • Coincidental or not, both use Ghostface's identity to practice their crimes and kill their victims.



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