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The Doom Syndicate are a group of villains found in the Megamind sequel video games of the franchise with the same name.


Ultimate Showdown

After saving Metro City, Megamind realizes that Tighten and the Doom Syndicate have ransacked his lab. Megamind decides to defeat Destruction Worker, Psycho Delic and Hot Flash at the Downtown, Midtown and Uptown sections of Metro City. Tighten took Metro Man and Megamind's DNA to become Blue Tighten. Megamind took care of Blue Tighten with his patented spray.

Mega Team Unite

Tighten redeems himself and helps Megamind, Minion and Metro Man take on the Doom Syndicate. This time, the Doom Syndicate has two extra members: Judge Sludge and the Conductor. The Mega Team defeats all five members of the Doom Syndicate and have saved Metro City.


  • Tighten (Former Leader)
  • Psycho Delic (Leader)
  • Destruction Worker
  • Hot Flash
  • The Conductor
  • Judge Sludge


  • The Doom Syndicate were originally going to appear in the original film but was cut for a streamlined plot.
  • Concept art of the Doom Syndicate can be found in a Megamind art book.